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GR Wayne Bergeron Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Wayne Bergeron Trumpet Mouthpieces

WB Studio:
Wayne: This mouthpiece was designed to accommodate the majority of my daily work demands. This "lead" mouthpiece is powerful, and very resonant in all registers. The core of sound is unmatched by anything I‘ve ever played my entire career. The rim has a soft comfortable bite for improved endurance.  I was playing a Shew 1.5 and 2 before I made the switch to the GR Custom. The (GR) rim will feel larger and softer. I lost nothing with the larger rim feel. I gained a better sound, endurance, and range!  Many of my colleagues in Los Angeles have noticed my enhanced sound!!

WB Classic:
Wayne: This GR Mouthpiece shares the same rim as the WB Studio Model. The cup is deeper to enhance the lower overtones and to create a clear, full-bodied sound.  Players will not lose any range due to of lack of compression, which sometimes happens with a change to a larger mouthpiece.   This is my mouthpiece of choice for smaller ensemble playing, lower section parts, and for the occasional times that I use C trumpet.

Models Backbore  Cup Volume  Cup Volume Cup Diameter r2 r4 Rim
Wayne Bergeron Signature Number Description Cubic Inches Inch mm Fraction @.032" Contour Bite Alpha Angle
WB Studio 2 Small 0.0666 .631 16.03 40.4/64 .652 Semi Flat-Wide Soft High
WB Classic 3 Medium 0.0756 .631 16.03 40.4/64 .652 Semi Flat-Wide Soft Medium High

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