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GR Wayne Bergeron Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

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Item Details

FD Mouthpiece Models

The GR FD Model mouthpieces are a hybrid design for use on most trumpets and more resistant flugelhorns.  They offer a rich "Chet Baker-ish" sound and can also be used in place of a flugelhorn in most situations! The hybrid GR shank will match perfectly to most trumpet receivers and is specifically designed for some flugels.

FD Mouthpieces for Flugelhorn: The FD Trumpet/Flugelhorn Mouthpiece design is a unique new concept to improve the match for certain makes of flugelhorns. The FD design has a shorter overall length, a larger throat bore, more open throat entrance, unique new backbore, and new shank design. This design is a perfect match for the Conn Vintage One flugelhorn.  This shank may not engage into some flugels as far as the FL Mouthpieces.

"The GR FD is one of my favourite "go to" mouthpieces for very soft exposed passages. It blends well with strings and is very forgiving to play. It works well for small intimate group settings. In many cases I will use it in place of my flugelhorn. It would also be a nice choice for certain Brass Quintet pieces. (I also call it my career saver.)"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Wayne Bergeron

Models Backbore  Cup Volume  Cup Volume Cup Diameter r2 r4 Rim
Wayne Bergeron Signature Number Description Cubic Inches Inch mm Fraction @.032" Contour Bite Alpha Angle
WB FL GR Flugel Large 0.1029 .631 16.03 40.4/64 .652 Semi Flat-Wide Soft Medium
WB FL*** GR Flugel Very Large for Diameter 0.1131 .631 16.03 40.4/64 .652 Semi Flat-Wide Soft Medium
WB FD GR FD Very Large for Diameter 0.1107 .631 16.03 40.4/64 .652 Semi Flat-Wide Soft Medium


Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Insertion Depth


Bach Yamaha Besson
Bach 7/8” 1-3/16” 7/8”
GR 15/16” 1-5/16” 15/16”
Yamaha Shew 7/8” 1-3/16” 7/8”
Faxx 5/8” 15/16” 5/8”

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