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Glenn Cronkhite SFR Screw Bell Horn Case

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10.27.16:  These cases are discontinued.  Remaining stock only.

This is the smallest, lightest, most beautiful screw bell double horn case you can buy.  It is the most comfortable to carry and offers incredible protection for its weight.  Custom made in Berkeley, California by Glenn Cronkhite and the Estrella Sewing Shop, this double horn case will last for your entire professional career.  The tough Cordura(tm) style nylon exterior fabric is among the best in the business.  The interior foam is much firmer than that used by any other case maker.  The leather is thick boot and saddle style which adds significant stiffness and longevity to the case.  And style, it adds style.  Zippers are by YKK and most hardware is gold plated steel.  In the event of wear or damage, the case can be repaired or rebuilt as necessary for a reasonable cost.  Our stock colors are in the drop down menu.  The photos show cinnamon brown leather.  Numerous custom color choices are available.  Please call or email if you seek something specific.  Custom cases can be built to order in 2-3 weeks.

Edit, September 2016:  Leather cases have been discontinued, but we have two left.  Grab them while they last.  It's the end of an era.

This diminutive case has a discretely placed sheet music pocket on the back.  A shoulder strap is included so you can carry the case like a hand bag or shoulder bag.  It can be safely tucked under your arm, away from the watchful eyes of airport gate agents.  This case will fit under any airline seat, and in all but the tiniest of overhead bins.

Though often termed a "gig bag", no other case can compare to the Cronkhite.  None comes close to the protection and longevity offered here.  The other makers have skimped on design and materials.

Years ago, this design was available from Reunion Blues of San Francisco.  At the time, Reunion Blues was the production shop for the standard Cronkhite designs.  One can still purchase a case in this style branded as Reunion Blues, but their new cases are made in China of very different materials.  The leather is thin, the foam is soft, and glued construction does not allow repairs.  Note that their Chinese case sells for nearly the same price as this locally made design, but it does not offer the same durability or protection.  The Cronkhite custom case shown here has the original design and materials, and is made by the same California craftsmen who have built these for decades. 

The Cronkhite case is the best long term purchase for your expensive double horn.  Most people settle for much lower quality than they need to.  Don't be like most people.  Be better.




  • Leather: 2.2 kg, 4.9 lbs.
  • Nylon: 1.5 kg, 3.4 lbs.



    • 39 x 39 x 25 cm, 15.5 x 15.5 x 10"



      • Fits nearly all double horns
      • Soft sides absorb impact energy
      • Thick leather adds stiffness and protection
      • Bell flare and body are safely separated
      • Sheet music storage pocket
      • Shoulder strap included
      • Can be repaired or rebuilt
      • Will last your entire professional career
      • Leather colors:  black, dark brown, British tan only
      • Cordura colors: black, brown, tan, blue, dark green, burgundy
      • Made in USA









        Toughest nylon







        Thickest leather







        Firmest foam







        Smallest size







        Lightest weight







        Fits all horns







        Fits under seat







        Sheet music pocket







        Backpack straps







        Shoulder strap







        Fiberglass shell







        Replacable cover














        Made in USA







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