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Getzen 1062 Eterna Bass Trombone

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After 15 years we've discontinued this model.  It has a recent ergonomic "improvement" to the thumb trigger, making the horn no longer comfortable for me to hold. The repair is difficult and I have better things to do.



This bass trombone is very similar in form and options to the popular Getzen 1052, but features a more open blow, designed more for the classical player.  The hand slide is a dual bore .562"/.578" brass slide, which means the lower slide tubes are larger than the standard dimensions seen elsewhere on most trombones.  This design mimics the shape of a slightly more conical instrument, and is a popular option for the modern symphonic bass trombone player.  To the uninitiated, playing a dual bore bass trombone can feel a little like stepping off a curb, as it requires a larger volume of air to fill it up.  This trombone really embodies the modern symphonic sound, so for many players, the longer learning curve is very worthwhile.  

The stacked rotors in Bb/F/D are a .593" bore, and this setup allows a more proper expansion of the neckpipe, which is on the conical section of the horn.  Inline rotors as on the Getzen 1052 pinch the bore a bit in the neckpipe, offering less expansion and more resistance here.  That's not a bad thing, but you notice the difference especially in the pedal tone range.  These stacked rotors, when combined with the dual bore slide, give this horn a very open blow, especially for an instrument with standard size rotors.  That's why players may still choose the stacked rotor setup.  Despite missing some technical options available on an inline setup, the stacked valves just play better down low when you really need to blow.  You can notice this on the pedal tones especially.  The very sleek open wrap design helps lend to an open blow as well. 

If you like a medium weight instrument with standard rotors and an open feel, this is it.  It's been very popular here at The Horn Guys for many years, as well as around the Southern California area in general.  At one time, you could see Andy Martin, Charlie Morillas, Rick Bullock, Bryant Byers, and many others using the 1062 around the Los Angeles area.

Most notable, Jeff Reynolds played a 1062 in the Los Angeles Philharmonic for many years.  The story is funny.  Jeff was perusing trombones on display at a Los Angeles trade show, I believe it was the annual NAMM show.  After being underwhelmed at most makers' offerings, he happened upon the Getzen display.  Seeing the 1062 in red brass, he picked it up, played a few notes, and in his typical style, said, "I'm not leaving without this horn."  The sales rep said, "I'm sorry sir, this horn is already reserved for a dealer."  Jeff's reply was something like, "You may not know who I am.  I'm bass trombonist of the LA Philharmonic and I'm playing this horn in tonight's concert."  "Yes, sir, I'm sure that can be arranged." 

As with the 1052, a red or yellow brass bell is available, as the 1062FDR or 1062 FD respectively.  The red brass bell should add a warmth and broadness to the tone, as well as more malleability.  This allows you to change the tone from dark to brassy with less effort.  The yellow brass bell has a more stable sound, with similar tone quality between soft and loud dynamics.  The volume changes, but the tone, less so.  The yellow bell also has a bit more projection.  WHen you need a bazooka to project to the back of a large hall, that is the one.  The Getzen 1062 includes 3 leadpipes, and a Getzen 1.5G mouthpiece.  Case is sold separately.


From Getzen

Musicians who make their living playing bass trombones are well aware of the new Getzen Eternas. From symphony to swing to school concert bands, the Getzen Eterna bass trombones continue to get the job done.

The 1062FD has a dependent rotor system. Solo bass trombonists, jazz musicians, and other players who enjoy a quick-responding, free-blowing valve section favor it.


  • Bore Size: .562"/.578" dual bore
    (with three interchangeable leadpipes)
  • Tuning Slide: Yellow brass bow
  • Handslide: Hand straightened nickel silver inside tubes
  • (chrome plated with barrel shaped stockings)
  • Lightweight yellow brass outside tubes with nickel silver end crook and oversleeves
  • Bell: 9 ½", 23 gauge yellow brass with soldered rim
  • Mouthpiece: 1½G Trombone
  • Finish: Clear lacquer or bright silver plate
  • Valves: 2 stacked rotary valves, open wrap F/D attachment
  • Warranty: Getzen Gold Warranty

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