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Gard Elite Bass Trombone G-Series Gig Bag


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This is a new case for bass trombone by Gard Bags, Talwar Brothers, India.  This Elite Series case is a heavy duty soft sided case with a Cordura exterior and leather trim.  The interior is lined with very firm foam, giving the case a fairly rigid square shape.  Integral backpack straps hide discretely behind a fabric cover on the back of the case.  A rain cover resides in a small pouch at the end.  Leather top and end handles are comfortable and ease pulling the case from the car.  Two interior accessory pouches are included. 

Shown in the pics is a Bach 50AF3 bass trombone.  Any bass trombone will fit: bell up to 10.5", any valves, any wrap.  There's plenty of room.  With some care or modification to the padding, a rotary valve bass trombone (Deutschebassposaune) may fit as well.  A foam cone fits inside the bell flare to help distribute impact energy.  The hand slide sleeve has a wooden reinforcement and the bell end of the case has similar for added protection.

This is a nicely done case, a step above the standard offerings from Gard.  It is not a small case.  It's not big, but...there is some bulk.  However it may be especially useful for the frequent traveler who needs to pack a few sweaters and shirts around the horn to fit everything in limited bags.  The Gard Elite bass case is larger than recommended for airline carry-on, and softer than recommended for checked baggage.  Choose your battles carefully.

Interior slide pocket dimensions: 33.5 x 1.5+ x 6.5"

Case weight: 12.0 lbs

Case dimensions: 12 x 13 x 38"

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