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Facet Trumpet Miley Pixie Mute


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Facet Mutes is located in Castle Rock, Colorado, USA. They manufacture a line of wooden mutes for brass instruments, using state of the art CNC equipment, the finest hardwoods, and the highest quality woodworking materials available.  Our customers refer to Facet mutes as "works of art" that play extremely well.

The patented designs (US Patent - 8,269,087) came about after carefully studying acoustics, as it applies specifically to sound reduction, as well as to the manufacture of acoustic musical instruments. Facet has been able to capture the characteristic sound that is familiar to us, and to our audiences. Significant improvements have been made to mutes that have been a part of our musical heritage, allowing brass players to achieve outstanding performance results, regardless of the individual hardwood used in making each Facet Mute.

The standard line of mutes uses 100% natural hardwoods... no polymers, no fiberglass, no fiber construction of any type. Every hardwood used has a characteristic timbre that is related to the density and grain of the individual hardwood. We invite you to discover the different "sound prints" that can only be achieved using Facet custom, handcrafted hardwood mutes. Facet Mutes play very evenly throughout your entire range, and because they resonate (as opposed to reflect and alter our sound), they have good projection at all dynamic levels.



Padauk is a strikingly beautiful reddish-orange colored wood that is a good tonewood in all respects. As with all higher density hardwoods, it is focused, and tends to favor the higher overtones.

Botanical Name: pterocarpus Soyauxii

Other Common Names: African Padauk, Bosulu, Mbe, Mbil, Ngula, Vermillion

Region: Central and tropical west Africa

Country: Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria, Zaire

The Tree: A straight, well shaped tree. Reaches 100 feet with a buttressed trunk which may be 48" at breast height.

Appearance: Heartwood color can very, ranging from a pale pinkish orange to a deep brownish red. Most pieces tend to start reddish orange when freshly cut, darkening substantially over time to a reddish/purplish brown. Padauks initial orange coloration can be preserved through various finishing procedures.

Properties: Texture coarse; grain straight to interlocked; lustrous; faint aromatic scent when freshly cut. Sawdust may cause respiratory problems.


Facet Repair Policy

While durability is part of the design and construction of Facet Mutes, accidents do happen, and we want you to be fully confident in your mute purchase. If your mute is damaged, Facet will repair it, free of charge, for the life of the mute. All you pay is shipping charges. (Limited to the original owner.)

If Facet determines that your mute is not repairable, due to unnatural circumstances... i.e., dropping it from an extensive height, or malicious damage of another nature, they will still stand behind our product, and offer a discount on a new one.

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