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Exquisite: The Artistry of Malcolm McNab - Malcolm McNab, Kinnell House Records


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Virtuoso music for trumpet by Bach, Tchaikovsky, Bruce Broughton, and Frank Zappa.


About Malcomb McNab
After over 35 years of being Hollywood's premiere first call studio trumpet player, Malcolm McNab has recorded his long overdue debut solo CD -EXQUISITE. While billions of people in this world have heard the beautiful sound of his trumpet on nearly 2,000 motion picture and television scores, including Dances with Wolves, LA Confidential, and The Last Castle, very few know his name. Now the time has come for Malcolm McNab to share his artistry as a world-class virtuoso musician. The world can finally put a name and a face to one of the most recorded trumpet sounds of our time.

EXQUISITE is a revolutionary and magnificent recording featuring music of Tchaikovsky, Bach, Zappa, and Broughton. Accompanied by the Altadena Pro Musica under the direction of producer/engineer/conductor Gary Grant, Malcolm performs the Violin Concerto of Tchaikovsky, the Concerto for 2 Violins by Bach in D minor, Frank Zappa';s BeBop Tango, and the only music commissioned especially for this CD - Bruce Broughton's Saloon Music for Bb Cornet and Pit Orchestra, conducted by the composer.

This CD is beautifully packaged in a hard cover along with a 35-page enclosed booklet, complete with "behind-the-scenes" photos and detailed liner notes for each piece and movement by the artist, Malcolm McNab - plus a personal letter from the producer, Gary Grant.

Quotes About Malcomb

JERRY GOLDSMITH - "He's my principal first trumpet in everything I do..."

JOHN WILLIAMS - "In Los Angeles we have Malcolm McNab, who is brilliant!"

AARON COPLAND - "You play the trumpet like few - very few!" (1974)

RANDY BRECKER - "EXQUISITE is simply exquisite and amazing!"

SERGEI NAKARIAKOV - "Malcolm McNab shows real mastery of the trumpet and plays one of the most difficult violin concertos!"

TIMOFEI DOKSHIZER - "I had two interesting meetings with the premiere soloist of the Hollywood orchestras, Mr. Malcolm McNab. This phenomenal trumpeter played the Violin Concerto of Tchaikovsky using the original, without any variations for easier facility."

ARTURO SANDOVAL - "I admire and respect you a LOT!!!!! You are one of a kind, our friendship is sincere and I'm very proud to say it all the time every where I go....."

BOBBY SHEW - "EVERY trumpet player on the planet needs to get this CD."

More About Malcomb

MALCOLM MCNAB started playing trumpet when he was nine years old with his father, Boyd McNab, as his first teacher. The young McNab won a PTA scholarship which allowed him to take trumpet lessons from Walter Laursen, noted Pasadena teacher and musician. Laursen made it possible for McNab to play trumpet in the Pasadena Symphony at age 16.

McNab started studying at the age of 19 with James Stamp, a relationship that continued thereafter for many years. After touring with the San Francisco Ballet and an army stint with the West Point Band, he studied privately with William Vacchiano and John Ware, both of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. He then toured the state of Maine for a year with a brass quintet. Returning to the Los Angeles area in 1969, McNab began his successful career as a studio musician and performer with symphony, ballet and theater orchestras.

Solo appearances include the California Chamber Symphony, Denver Symphony, Los Angeles Pops, Hollywood Bowl, San Diego Symphony, Long Beach Symphony, and the Pasadena Pops. Two-time winner of the Most Valuable Player Award of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, McNab has appeared on numerous records with major recording artists from 1970 to the present. These include concert groups such as the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra, L.A. Chamber Orchestra, N.Y. City Opera; popular artists such as Dionne Warwick, Frank Zappa, Peggy Lee, Chicago, Singers Unlimited, and The Carpenters. He can be heard on the Olympic recordings of 1984,1988,and 1992.

His television experience includes playing in the Academy Awards, Grammy, and Emmy Awards orchestras for many years; performing on the title tracks of the major network news themes; and solo performances on such TV shows as "Deep Space Nine", "Highway to Heaven", and "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman".

McNab's motion picture soundtrack credits number over 1,500 from 1970 to the present and include: E.T., Jaws, Scrooged, Cocoon: The Return, Coming to America, Indiana Jones, The Final Chapter,Star Trek (1 thru 6), The Package, Karate Kid III, The Little Mermaid, Field of Dreams, Glory, War of the Roses, Always, Hard to Kill, Night Breed, Pretty Woman, Dick Tracy, Home Alone, Edward Scissorhands, Bonfire of the Vanities, Misery, Hook, Beauty & the Beast, Final Analysis, Rocketeer, Sleepwalkers, Robin Hood, Jurassic Park, Wyatt Earp, Maverick, Outbreak, First Knight, Congo, Batman Forever, Under Siege 2, Waterworld, The Net, My Fellow Americans, Space Jam, Toy Story, James and the Giant Peach, First Wives Club, Mars Attacks, 101 Dalmations, Dante's Peak, Liar,LIar, Lost World, Men in Black, Speed 2, Batman and Robin, My Best Friend's Wedding, and Hercules.

His solo trumpet can be heard on such soundtracks as: Dances with Wolves, The Gambler, Avalon, Crimson Tide, City Hall, In Country, Twister, Executive Decision, Independence Day, Con Air, Air Force One, The Postman, U.S.Marshalls, Renaissance Man, Toys, and L.A. Confidential.

Teaching experience at the college level includes positions at U.C.L.A., Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, Pomona College and at the Claremont Music Festival. His students have gone into such orchestras as the Houston Symphony and the Boston Pops Orchestra. In addition he has lectured at the International Trumpet Guild and the New York Brass Conference.

For more information, credits, articles, and frequent updates on the life and career of Malcolm McNab, please visit Malcolm's official web site at


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