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Equilibrium for 2 Trombones by Eric North, pub. Cherry Classics


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One of Canada's very talented young composers, Eric North has written a compelling and challenging work for Unaccompanied Bass Trombone. The work has many moods in its 3 minutes of length. From frenetic to solemn this work is a great addition to the repertoire and can be an excellent addition to a recital for the advanced performer.

Eric North is a talented young Canadian composer who has used the simple semi-tone as a study for this inventive Trombone Duo. Each performer moves only a semi-tone from the starting tone, however the changing rhythms and tonality keep this piece very interesting for the performers and the listeners alike.

This duo can be performed by two Tenor Trombones or a Tenor and Bass Trombone. This 6 minute work is for moderately advanced performers and includes some tenor clef.

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