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Epistrophy - Capitol Bones


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From the nation's capitol comes a new voice. The Capitol Bones, Washington, DC's premiere jazz trombone ensemble, offers something exciting and new for jazz lovers everywhere, with an added treat for those treasured listeners who appreciate and seek out great trombone playing.

Group founder and leader Matt Niess brought together the best jazz trombonists in DC, an area known for the depth of its trombone bench, to participate in a group dedicated to promoting not only great ensemble playing but the expansion of the repetoire of this unique medium. Since its inception in 1991 The Capitol Bones have played throughout the country to include performances at The International Trombone Workshop in Las Vegas-Nevada & Rochester- NY, jazz clubs, Universities and an annual appearance at The Eastern Trombone Workshop in Washington, DC. In addition to the standard arrangements The Capitol Bones have added several new works to the jazz trombone ensemble repetoire by such notables as Conrad Herwig, Mike Tomaro, Mark Taylor, Jim Roberts and Matt Niess.

With their first two CDs, My Favorite Things and Epistrophy, you can experience the soloistic power and ensemble mastery of this group. With each performance these musicians create a fresh, new sound that is gaining in popularity every day.

Epistrophy by Matt Niess was released Aug 16, 2005 on the Sea Breeze label. Matt Niess And The Capitol Bones: Tony Nalker (trombone, piano); Matt Niess, Jay Gibble, Jim McFalls, Todd Baldwin, Dan Haverstock (trombone); Jerry Amoury, Jeff Cortazzo (bass trombone); Jim Roberts (guitar, bass); Paul Pieper (guitar); Dave Marsh (bass); Steve Fidyk (drums). Epistrophy CD music contains a single disc with 13 songs.

1. Epistrophy
2. One Note Samba
3. I Mean You
4. Here's That Rainy Day
5. Inner Urge
6. Speak Low
7. I Thought About You
8. Touch Her Soft Lips and Part
9. Maiden Voyage
10. Stolen Moments
11. DeCoupage
12. Conspiracy Theory
13. A Child Is Born

"Unless we're talking about the tailgate or barrelhouse sounds of traditional jazz, the words that usually come to mind regarding the sound of the trombone are suave and sensuous. In the right chops, it can also be incredibly swinging.
All those adjectives apply to The Capitol Bones: five trombones and rhythm from the Washington, D.C., area. On Epistrophy, the band's second CD, a total of eight trombonists are heard, but the book has been created for three tenor and two bass trombones. Solo highlights abound, but the section is the most memorable instrument: the driving, angular title tune by Thelonious Monk; the bass humor and straightahead swing of "I Thought About You"; the infinite colors and counterpoint of "Speak Low"; the salsa-and-rock flavored treatment of "Maiden Voyage"; the sly plunger wit and tight voicings of "Stolen Moments"; a positively prayerful "A Child Is Born"; and the unabashed homage to Kenton in "Here's that Rainy Day." It's an outstanding concerted effort."
     --  Harvey Siders (JazzTimes)

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