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Eastman CATB-16 Tenor Trombone Case

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Item Details

This is a fiberglass hard case for most tenor trombones made by Eastman Winds in China.  It is also sold as the JW-Eastman case by Jacob Winter.  This case is particularly small, making air travel easier for the mobile trombonist.  We don't recommend checking this case into the baggage system except as a last resort.  In that event, add some extra padding inside to cushion your trombone.  The goal is no movement of the instrument inside the case.  Case weight is 3.6 kg, fits bells up to 22 cm.

Though the fit is nearly universal, this sleek case is not a perfect fit for Shires trombones or other models with oversize rotary valves.  See below for an abridged list of instruments that may or may not fit.

The Eastman's hard fiberglass plastic shell has some flex when opened, but it seems structurally sound and very stiff when closed.  The halves seal together to repel moisture.  Inside is velour-covered firm foam, with a door to separate the hand slide from the bell section.  It's very sleek, with a compact shape and multiple metal latches.  Double backpack straps are included.  The only room for improvement might be the hinges of the slide door being on the bottom for easier access, and a slightly plusher section for the bell, which would allow fitting several more models of trombones.  The foam interior is very firm.  For heavy travel, like most other cases, you may want to add some additional padding in the form of a plush towel to prevent any movement and possibility of resulting damage.  The outer shell is painted and can scratch, but minor scratches can be easily polished out with some polishing compound.  We've used Wright's silver polish with success.  Gloss colors include: black, silver, red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, and white.  Pebbled finishes available include:  gun metal grey, white, silver, red, blue, green.  We try to stock the colors in bold, which can be found in the drop down menu.  If you seek something specific, do contact us directly and we can offer a delivery estimate for that color.

We tested a variety of trombones in the Eastman case:

Fits well:

Conn 88H, Bach 36B, 42B, 42A, 42AF, 42T, Yamaha 400, 600, Xeno 882OR (reverse model), all Getzen, all Hagman, all Thayer & axial rotors

Also fits all straight trombones, such as  Bach 12, 16, 36, Conn 5H, 6H, 8H, King 2B, 3B, Yamaha 354, 691, 891, 897, 881.

Barely fits:

Conn Lindberg (rotor knuckle is vulnerable)

These horns' F attachment crooks touch the case storage compartment, which is not padded.  It is a very close fit, and we are somewhat fearful.  These fit, just be careful:  Conn 88HO, Bach 36BO, 42BO, Yamaha Xeno 882O, Getzen 725F

Does not fit :

Shires with F-attachment, Greenhoe

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