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Cornerstone - Douglas Yeo, Die letzte Posaune Productions


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Patricia Yeo, Stephen E. Gerber, Wes Ross and Beatrice Bush Bixler, piano, with readings by Bill Pearce.

"Douglas Yeo is internationally renowned as one of the world's finest bass trombonists.   He has produced in this CD a selection of beautifully arranged gospel melodies. His many performances in church services and meetings and his personal christian commitment are reflected in the choices.  Salvationists and bass trombonists from other churches will find much of the material particularly interesting as it will provide them with access to some very well arranged solo material for their own use.
As to the wider appeal, Douglas has provided a fine example to all bass trombonists (and brass players in general) of musicianship, tone control and excellent breathing.
Slow melodies are the cornerstone (forgive the pun) of good controlled playing and many players try to hide their weaknesses in displays of showy technical fireworks.  Not so Douglas.
We all know that he has superb technique and range, with the ability to play the most demanding and challenging music. But here is the controlled work of a master musician.  Everyone can learn from listening to the quality of playing on this disc.  The excellent piano accompaniments (many played by the arrangers) are also quite inspirational and prove that a partnership of quality is essential to good performance."
     --  Alwyn Green (The Trombonist, Magazine of the British Trombone Society)

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