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Conn 88H Trombone Hand Slides

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Since the introduction of the Conn Generation II 88H trombones, Conn has offered several choices of hand slides.  If you an older model Conn or wish to improve the response of your newer instrument, we offer all versions of replacement slides.  All these slides use the same bell connector, so they should fit any Conn large bore or bass trombone bell section.

Fits: 8H, 88H, 89H, 62H, 62HI, 110H, 112H

Photos show the standard Conn SLF547 88H hand slide with fixed leadpipe, and also the SL6280 dual bore bass slide, which is slightly wider for neck clearance on the Conn 62HCL trombone.


Conn Hand Slides











This is the large bore slide with fixed mouthpipe. It is the standard slide included with a stock 88H trombone. Both slide tubes are .547” large bore diameter. The slide has the standard S mouthpipe, which is soldered into the receiver. The receiver now has the most common Bach mouthpiece shank taper, also called the Morse taper. The slide is made of bronze (gold brass) with all nickel outer sleeves, nickel cork barrels, and a nickel end crook. We refer to the end crook as a narrow crook as it is narrower than a Bach or Getzen slide crook. Medium width is more accurate, as the width is between that of a small bore trombone and a large bore wide slide.





S, M, R


This is the large bore slide with removable mouthpipes. This slide is identical to the above SLF547 slide, but it has the added feature of three removable mouthpipes. These attach via a threaded fitting on the upper cork barrel. Included is the standard S pipe, the more open M (Marcellus) pipe, and the R (Remington) pipe which has the traditional Conn Brown & Sharpe taper receiver. This R mouthpipe fits traditional Remington and Schilke mouthpieces the best.





S, M, R


This is the large dual bore slide. It is identical to the above SL4747 slide except that the lower slide tube is oversize .562” bore. Three removable mouthpipes are included, also S, M, and R models. This slide will have a slightly broader tone and a more open feel. For players who peg the decibel meter, they can get a huge, wide and warm sound on this slide.





T, H, X


This is the medium bore slide. Both slide tubes are .525” bore. Three mouthpipes are included, with a bonus feature. This type of hand slide in a medium bore will usually only accept a small shank mouthpiece. Two mouthpipes, the T and H, will accept any small shank mouthpiece, but the X pipe will accept a large shank mouthpiece. The Conn catalog mentions that you will gain high range stability with this slide. That isn't quite right. This slide makes you soar in the high range. It has a lighter, more compact, brilliant sound, and is easy to play. For fans of the old Conn 78H, this slide is an updated version of that slide, but with a large bell connector to fit the 8H/88H bell.





T, H, X


This is the medium dual bore slide. It is identical to the above SL2525 except the lower slide tube is large .547” bore. Includes mouthpipes are T, H, and X as above. The idea with this slide is to give the ease of playing of the smaller bore upper tube, and the big sound of the larger bore lower tube. It does that well, and also give the 88H a more characteristic compact tenor trombone sound. Jeff Reynolds, bass trombonist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, found this to be his favorite slide when he was asked to play tenor trombone in the orchestra. He could still get a great tenor style sound even with his bass trombone mouthpiece in this slide with the 88HO bell. His colleague Ralph Sauer also preferred this size slide when he played and endorsed Conn trombones.





B, C, D


This is the bass trombone slide in .562” bore, as sold with the Conn 62H and 62HI bass trombones. It will also fit any 88H trombone. Both slide tubes are .562” bore. Three included mouthpipes are sizes B, C, and D. George Roberts (Mr. Bass Trombone) used this slide with a Conn 88HKO bell section for a time when he endorsed Conn trombones.





B, C, D


This is the large bass trombone dual bore slide as used on the Conn 62HCL Lindberg model. It is similar to the SL6262 above, but lower slide tube is a .580” XL bore. Also the end crook is a bit wider to allow greater clearance between the player's neck and the large CL rotors. Included mouthpipes are B, C, and D.


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