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Cerveny 652 Large F Cimbasso


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In spring 2020 Amati-Kraslice entered receivership and its Cerveny brass division and assets were sold to Arnold Stoelzel, a German distributor of musical instruments and owner of Josef Lidl, a Czech brass maker.  Word is that the factory has remained in operation and some instrument fabrication continues wi tht eCerveny designs, now sold as Josef Lidl instruments.


This is a large rotary valve F cimbasso made by Cerveny in the Czech Republic.  Whether it's for opera use or monster movies, the busy tuba player should find this a welcome addition to his arsenal.

The .717" bore is decently large for a cimbasso, so this instrument does play very tuba-like.  The tone is fairly oomposo for an F instrument, and should work well in larger situations where some players might also choose a CC or BBb instrument. 

The pitch is good, and is easily adjustable.  The cimbasso includes triggers for both the second and fifth slides, both operated by the left hand.  The fifth valve is tuned to a flat whole step and is operated by the right hand.

A long rigid peg is included to securely rest the cimbasso on the floor.  The peg length is adjustable for varying chairs and user heights.  Two hand rests, one on each side of the valve section, are adjustable to add security to the player's grip.  An extended water key is easily reached when a fast water dump is needed.

A weighty wheeled hard case and a Bruno Tilz mouthpiece are included.

Cerveny also offers a small F cimbasso, the model 576, which is more of a bass valve trombone and may be desired for lighter works.  This larger 652 is the more popular of the two.


 Key: F

 Bore18.2 mm (.717")

 Bell: 280 mm (11")

 Body: Yellow brass

 Mouthpipe: Nickel-silver

 Valves : 5 rotary valves (5th valve for right thumb), nickel silver spatulas, nickel silver valve casings and all trimmings, valves are being manufactured by CNC lathe.

 Trim: Nickel-silver hand lapped inner and outer tuning slides, nickel-silver stays.

 Features: 5th and 2nd slide triggers with adjustable stops, Minibal action, 5th slide lowers by 1 1/4 tones, 2 adjustable hand rests, long adjustable peg, adjustable thumb ring, bell with position markers, receiver for tuba mouthpiece, 3 waterkeys, Minibal action hand engraved valve caps and levers, lightweight construction.

 Finish: High gloss polished and lacquered.

 Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, hard case.

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