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Canadian Brass Heritage Series Tuba Mouthpiece: MB-83


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The Arnold Jacobs mouthpiece project has now grown into a series of tuba mouthpieces designed by Robert Tucci in Germany and sold by the Canadian Brass.  Canadian brass founding tubist Charles Daellenbach, along with founding trombonist Gene Watts, were both students of the great Arnold Jacobs.  Based upon the early success of the Jacobs mouthpiece, Mr. Daellenbach and Mr. Tucci worked together to produce some updated versions of some classic and popular mouthpiece designs.





V-shaped funnel


With the same elegant exterior as the Arnold Jacobs Heritage mouthpiece the Canadian Brass Model MB-83 is an easy to use "Instant Access" mouthpiece. There are reasons: it is not overly large yet produces a sound which has strong fundamental. The upper register is secure, with fundamental lock-in and no dancing about on overtones.  The MB-83 shank diameter is a bit smaller than others, to fit tubas with US sized receivers.

    • Cup diameter: 32mm
    • Bore: 8.5 mm
    • Long V-shaped funnel
    • Rim width: 7.5mm
    • Moderately round rim with clearly pronounced inner edge


    The Canadian Brass MB-83 offers players who prefer a medium width cup a distinct but dark sound. The inner rim provides quick response which is comfortable and flowing in all registers. The MB-83 is designed for use with CC and BBb tubas, and works particularly well on medium-bore instruments.


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