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Trombone Craft composed by and pub. Brad Edwards


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A Musical Approach to Building Tone and Technique, with a forward by Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic.  Complete Version - Volumes 1-3 combined) for Tenor Trombone (with F-attachment)

"We all need to build tone and technique. Why not do it in a more musical way?  The Trombone Craft book presents a comprehensive approach to building the technical skills needed to play music well.  Here's a quick summary:
    Ideas are linked and reinforced:    After a page helping students develop D in alternate 4th, for example, the next page presents two short pieces in E-flat major.
    Pieces of reasonable length:   In a lesson, time is precious. Get to the point quickly using short exercises and half-page etudes.
    A greater variety of key signatures:  Don’t get stuck in that B-flat / E-flat rut.
    Help with rhythm:  Some pages zoom in on common rhythm trouble spots, such as the deadly dotted-eighth sixteenth.
    Cross-referencing to other books:  A big time-saver in lessons! Quick, where can you find etudes that feature the D-flat major scale?  Besides the two that appear in this book you’ll see cross-references to: Bleger’s 31 Studies #12; Hering’s 40 Progressive Etudes #28, #36 and Voxman’s Selected Studies, p.22
    Patterns to be memorized:  Scale and arpeggio patterns with musical shape.
    Bonus appendices focusing on special areas including:  Developing the legato tongue, building the high range, double tonguing, extra scale patterns, long tones and tuning exercises (including tuning over a drone), flow exercises (sing, buzz, play).
Trombone Craft Complete (tenor trombone) (170 pages)"


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