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Best Brass Warm-Up Jr. Mute for Tenor Trombone


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This is a lower priced version of the Best Brass Warm-up Mute made of ABS.  Weight: 58g.

This new mute is designed by Shinji Hamanaga, the inventor of the Yamaha Silent Brass System.  It is so small that it fits completely inside the bell, allowing you to store it inside when the horn is in the case.  Incredibly lightweight at 58g, you hardly notice it's there.  It plays well throughout the entire range, and is very quiet.  Though pricey, it's much more comfortable than a larger mute to use for long periods of practice.

The first photo shows both the tenor and bass trombone Warm-Up mutes.  The second photo shows them in relation to a typical trombone straight mute.

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