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Best Brass Straight Mute for Trumpet

$69.99 $93.00

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Best Brass, one of the premier mute makers in Japan says:

"Straight could be said one of the most essential accessories for brass instrumentalists, and it is absolutely necessary in classical music. Generally, a conic straight mute is longer than a curved-shape straight mute. The length is needed to keep the intonation of low registers, but it apparently protrudes from the bell and is not good looking. On the other hand, most curved-shape straight mutes have a good intonation but tend to be high-pitched.

BEST BRASS Straight has a curved shape but achieves precise pitch and intonation. The beautiful shape is based on the result of having focused on the excellent sound quality, and its splendid sound never be submerged in a band by the clear total core. Three kinds of materials: Aluminum, Copper, Brass, are adopted as a bottom part, and that should broaden the player’s choice and achieve more colorful music representation."

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