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Best Brass 3-Way Cup Mute for Trumpet


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A 3-way mute from Best Brass.

Way #1) Cup mute

The unique plastic cup produces expressive cup sound, and as a matter of course, the pitch and blow are very god. The cup position is adjustable. Besides, the pitch and blow are not changed much even if the cup is attached to the bell so that you can do warm-up with it.


Way #2) Straight mute

Once the cup part is removed, it becomes a high-quality straight which adopts brass material in the bottom. The powerful and shrilly metallic sound could be the biggest rival of our popular straight mute. The precise pitch, free-blow, and the tonal core would be a good surprise.


Way #3) Plunger mute

If the cup is applied oppositely, it transforms into a plunger. The cup part can be held easily, and it helps player perform picturesque nuance.

Let this superior cup mute in your Best Brass collection!

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