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Besson 983 4V Eb Compensating Tuba

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The Besson 983 is a four valve front action compensated tuba and is the preferred tuba for many soloists and chamber musicians, and is especially popular in the USA. It has a lightness of touch and a singing quality by design, granting the soloist and chamber musician complete freedom of expression.


Technical specifications

  • Key : EEb
  • Bore : .681" / 17,30 mm
  • Bell : Hand made yellow brass 17.00" / 431 mm
  • Valves : 4 inline compensating valves stainless steel, frontal action
  • Waterkeys : 4
  • Weight : 18lb / 8200g
  • Outfit : Shaped ABS with wheels and two handles, Robert Tucci mouthpiece, micro-fiber cloth, valve oil
  • Finish : Silver plate
  • Model:  BE983-2-0 : 17" bell, silver plated finish

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