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Bags of Spain Tenor Trombone Case EV-II XL


Item Details

Lightweight fiberglass trombone case made in Spain.  Fits most large tenor trombones with F-attachment.  Available in several standard colors, including black, red, blue and orange.  Special metallic for a small upcharge.  Backpack straps and small exterior storage are standard.

This case fits most tenor trombones with traditional closed wrap or medium length F-attachment, as well as most straight tenor trombones.  Bells up to 9" (23cm) will fit, though small bells will work as well without being loose inside the case.  This is the larger of the two tenor cases, the other being the L.  They seem nearly identical except the bell flare portion of the XL case is about 1" (2.5cm) larger, and the smaller L fits only up to 8.5" (22cm) bells.  If you have an 8.5" (22cm) bell and want a bit more space around the flare for additional protection, the XL case will do that.


  • B&S 3085B, MS1, MS14
  • Bach 42, 42B, 42A, 42AF, 42T, TB200
  • Conn 8H, 52H, 88H, 88HTG
  • Courtois 420B, 420BT, 420BH, 440B
  • daCarbo - large bore (9" bell)
  • Edwards T350E, T350-CR-E, T396A
  • Getzen 747F, 1047F, 3047AF, 4047DS, 4147IB
  • Greenhoe
  • Holton TR158, TR160
  • King 4BF
  • Kuhnl & Hoyer Bolero Large, also Hagman, axial, Slokar Solo, also Hagman
  • JP Rath 332O
  • Jurgen Voigt 188, 188FO, 51, 52, 57, 132, 157
  • Kanstul 1508, 1570T, 1608
  • Schilke ST21
  • Shires - all valves
  • Yamaha 881, 882 (compact wrap)

May not fit

  • B&S 3055
  • Bach 36BO, 42BO
  • Conn 88HO, 88HTO, 88HCL
  • Courtois 420BO
  • Getzen 547, 725
  • Kanstul 760, 970, 1570, 1588, 1688
  • Kuhnl & Hoyer Bolero Open, also Special, Slokar Performance
  • Yamaha 882O, 882OR, 882V

Not Sure

  • Kuhnl & Hoyer 159
  • Jurgen Voigt 188FX, 141-145

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