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Bags of Spain Double Tenor & Alto Trombone Case


Item Details

Lightweight fiberglass double trombone case made in Spain.  Fits most tenor trombones with F-attachment and most straight Eb alto trombones.  Includes backpack straps and small exterior storage, plush velour interior.  Available i several standard colors including black, blue, red and orange.  Optional metallic finishes available for a small upcharge.

Fits Tenor Trombones

  • Any bell section length from bell rim to F-slide: 31" (79cm)
  • Any bell diameter up to 8.5" (22cm)
  • Any F-attachment, closed, axial, long open wrap

Fits Alto Trombones

  • Any straight Eb of F alto
  • Any slide length
  • Bell diameter up to 7"

The Trick

Bags has a video of how to insert your trombones into this case.  It's fairy long and there are a lot of pieces to arrange, and it looks a little crazy, but we think it works.  We also suggest a couple of small towels inside your case to help provide additional protection.



  • Place tenor slide in floor of case
  • Add 6x6" Velcro pads to cover each end of slide and prevent sliding lengthwise in the case.  The larger pad goes near the bell end.
  • Add 1 long and 1-2 short foam pads and Velcro strap near the middle of the slide, to keep tenor bell and slide away from each other.
  • Add tenor bell above tenor slide and secure with strap.
  • Place alto slide in lid of case.
  • Add 1 long foam pad in middle of slide (it's narrower than the pad for the tenor slide), and add one short pad at each end to prevent sliding lengthwise in the case.
  • Add Velcro strap to hold alto bell.
  • Insert alto bell above alto slide, use 1 strap to secure, make sure its slide won't touch, and fold lid divider flap over alto bell and secure with its 2 straps.
  • Carefully close case and check clearances.  Add extra small towels if necessary.


    If I were considering air travel and checking this case as baggage, I'd be fearful, but the trick would be to fill up the entire case, every last cubic inch, with bubble wrap so absolutely nothing can move or tough.  You know how stereo components come packed in solid Styrofoam?  As close to that as you can mimic with soft packing material.  That'll do it.  Then things can get bounced around with a much smaller change of injury.


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