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Bags of Spain Bass Trombone Case EV-II XL


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Lightweight fiberglass case made in Spain for double valve bass trombones.  With plush interior and backpack straps, 2 small interior storage compartments and one exterior compartment for sheet music. 

Fits most double valve bass trombones with traditional closed wrap or medium open wrap, up to 10.5" (26cm) bell.  Normal size 9.5" (24cm) bell bass trombones will fit just as well without fitting loosely.  We think any axial valve or Hagmann valve bass will fit fine.  Does not fit long open wrap trombones like Conn or Kanstul, see below.  Maximum bell rim to F-slide length: 28.25" (72cm).


  • B&S MS27
  • Bach 50AF, 50AF3, 50T, 50T3, 50A, 50A3, 50B, 50B2, 50B3 (also 10.5" L bell)
  • Conn 62H (vintage Elkhart) with stock E slide or Minick D slide, 83H
  • Edwards B454
  • Getzen 1052FD, 3062AF
  • Greenhoe inline
  • Holton TR180
  • Kanstul 1662I - maybe, need to check
  • King 6B
  • Kuhnl & Hoyer Orchestra Signature, Meinlschmidt, Hagman
  • Shires - all   (not sure about stacked axial setup)
  • XO 1240T
  • Yamaha 822G, 830, 822, 613H, 612 and 620G with stock Eb slide

Does not fit:

  • Bach 50B2O, 50B3O
  • Conn 110H, 111H, 62H (new Ohio), 62H (Elkhart) with stock D slide, 62HI, 62HCL, 73H
  • Getzen 1062FD
  • Greenhoe stacked
  • Holton TR181
  • Jurgen Voigt 146
  • Kanstul 1585, 1662, 1670
  • King 7B, 8B
  • XO 1240, 1242
  • Yamaha 620G with D slide

Not sure:

  • Conn 112H
  • Courtois 550
  • Edwards B454-CR-E, B502-D, B502-I, B454-DE
  • Jurgen Voigt 147

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