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Bags of Spain 2 Trumpet & Piccolo Case


Item Details

This is a lightweight fiberglass case for two full size trumpets and a piccolo trumpet.  It's made in Spain by Musical Bags.  The case has been conceived with the needs of professionals and soloists who may use several trumpets in different keys, but don't care for the larger 4 trumpet case. This one can be used to transport 2 trumpets, or 2 trumpets and piccolo, mute, or more accessories.

The case has integrated backpack straps for convenient compact travel.  On the outside, it has a sheet music pocket with capacity for a tablet / laptop.

Shown here in red, it's also available in several other colors.  Special order colors can take up to 90 days, maybe less.  We plan to stock black and graphite metallic, but red, orange, blue, white and other colors can be had by request.  Please contact us directly if you seek something specific.


Height 64 cm

Width 32 cm

Depth 16 cm

Weight 1.9 kg

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