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Bach 42A Stradivarius Tenor Trombone with Hagmann Rotor

$4,619.00 $6,744.00

Item Details

This is a special version of the Bach 42 tenor trombone that features the Rene Hagmann rotor from Geneva, Switzerland.  The features of the Hagmann rotor include:

  • Typical Swiss top-quality machining
  • Graceful curves\d tubes
  • Lightweight rotor casing
  • Lightweight rotor made from individual tubes like a piston valve
  • Bb side gently curves the main tube airway, limiting turbulence
  • F side gently channels the air out the back of the rotor into an open wrap F-attachment
  • Small coil spring pulls rotor toward back of the casing to seal the airway and also speeds the return action
  • Rotor cap is easily removed for oiling
  • Rotor can be removed with simple tools
  • I don't know what the little screw in there is for
  • Rotor should not be lubricant-sensitive - the maker says Al Cass is fine


For the player, the rotor action is light, the throw is short, the Bb/F feel is even, and the lightweight rotor design gives the 42A a breadth of tone and warmth that is captivating.


  • Brass .547" hand slide with nickel trim, large shank receiver, fixed leadpipe
  • Rotor: Rene Hagmann
  • Bell: Bach 1-piece hand spun yellow brass, 8.5"
  • Crook: Bach yellow brass



This 42A has a choice of hand slides:

  • 42 - standard slide, brass, fixed leadpipe: 42, pictured
  • 42LP - brass slide, 3 threaded leadpipes: 42, O, LO
  • LT42 - all nickel slide, lightweight. fixed leadpipe: 42
  • LT42LP - all nickel slide, lightweight, 3 threaded leadpipes: 42, O, LO


The threaded leadpipes use the same thread fitting as Conn.  I find the 3-pipe slides have a brighter tone but less stability, more Edwards.  If you'd like a play test of any options, I'm glad to do it as time allows.

I haven't found issues with neck clearance on the 42A.  The 42 hand slide is fairly wide and the rotor is not as intrusive as rotors like the CL, K, or Radial Flow.  The grip is better for large hands, but with some care, the brass thumb lever is not difficult to bend for a custom fit.

Includes Bach hard case and 6-1/2A mouthpiece.  The case is somewhat weighty for around town, but for travel the instrument is well secured inside.  This case doesn't fear baggage handlers.

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