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Bach 50AF3 Stradivarius Bass Trombone

$5,979.00 $7,959.00

Item Details

This is a new Bach Stradivarius professional bass trombone made in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.  This trombone was introduced in October, 2015.  The new 50AF3 replaces the classic Bach 30T3 Thayer valve bass trombone.

The improvements in the 50AF3 include the new Bach Infinity axial flow valves.  These have sealed cartridge bearings at the top and bottom of the rotor casing.  This allows the rotors to pivot freely with less friction, less wear, and less maintenance.  In addition, the bell is removable.  This also simplifies maintenance and repair by allowing the bell and valve section to be separated.

Bell choices include yellow brass (in stock), and by special brass, and a large 10.5" XL bell.  The hand slide is a standard Bach design, .562" bore, fixed leadpipe, all brass with nickel trim.  Custom options include a Bach "LT" lightweight hand slide of all nickel.  This slide works particularly well with the gold brass bell.

I don't yet know if separate bells will be available as on the Getzen Custom 3062 bass trombones, but I think I can get them.

Choice of case, please ask for a quote.


  • The bell section is modular.
  • The connecting hardware and bracing is all nickel, looks very strong.
  • The build quality is clean.
  • The valves work perfectly right out of the box.
  • The choice of case is yours.


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