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B&S 3099QW Advanced Model 6-Valve Rotary F Tuba


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Next year B&S will release the "Advanced Model" rotary valve F tuba with 6 valves.  It's not available in the US yet, so this page is informational and we'll see what happens.  Based on the classic Perantucci PT-10 F tuba body, the new 3099QW features five rotors inline and also a sixth 24mm large bore quint rotor located after the tuning slide.  This unusual option has been more common on an Alexander or Cerveny instruments, even then it's fairly rare.  The idea is that if you want a nimble tuba from low BBb to pedal F, maybe some of the extra tubing should be larger bore, rather than part of the 19.5-21.0mm rotor block.  With this tuba, hold the left thumb and you're in BBb.  A big BBb.

It's safe to admit there can be some issues, as shown by the number of triggers on this tuba: three.  (The number of the counting being three.)  But you also have a lot of options for any particular riff.  This tuba can always be in tune with the fingering combination and feel that you want: it has nine keys!  With some familiarity, there may be very satisfying fingering patterns on the BBb side with some trigger use.

I believe the folded-down top loop of the quint rotor is to avoid damage or an additional water-catching loop.  Most players will keep their left hand on the tuba body because there are four left keys demanding some attention.  It's unlikely you'll want to hold this tuba with your left arm over the top for slide pulling like we do in the US.  It's all ball bearings these days.

The 3099QW includes a top-loading B&S gig bag and mouthpiece. 


  • Key: F with 6 rotors and 3 triggers, A443
  • Bore: rotors 6-1-2-3-4 19.5-21.0mm
  • Bore: quint rotor 24mm
  • Bell: 42cm
  • Body: Yellow brass with nickel trim
  • Leadpipe: Gold brass
  • Finish: Silver plate
  • Includes B&S gig bag and Robert Tucci mouthpiece


Right Hand Controls

  • Thumb: quint to BBb
  • 1: one step
  • 2: half step
  • 3: two steps
  • 4: quart


Left Hand Controls

  • Thumb: fourth slide trigger
  • 1: sixth rotor, flat half step
  • 2: first slide trigger
  • 3: second slide trigger


There may be limitless variety of fingerings for low BBb and below:

  • BBb: Thumb quint
  • BBb: 1+4+first or fourth trigger
  • BBb: 1+2+3+6
  • AA: 2-3-4
  • AA:  Quint+6
  • AAb: Quint+1+first trigger
  • AAb: 1+3+4+first trigger
  • below this...unknown


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