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39 Etudes for Euphonium by Dr. Cherry Beauregard, pub. Holben Publishing


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Edited and annotated by Dave Holben.

TREBLE CLEF VERSION (B-flat Transposition)

Set one octave higher than the tuba version, this euphonium version of the 39 Etudes for Tuba enables individuals to hone their technique alone, or actively work together with another player on the challenging material within.

The purpose of these etudes is to develop performance techniques suitable for modern solo repertoire. While originally composed with late high school and early college players in mind, these etudes challenge even the most experienced players.

Divided into 4 distinct sections, the book is organized in a coherent and sensible collection of material providing maximum benefits to the player. Idiosyncratic issues, Melodic: polyrhythmic, scalar (major, minor, WT, octatonic, chromatic) and closes with a section devoted to articulation/arpeggiation.

Included are fingering charts and a bonus accompaniment composed by the editor.
 "The impetus for writing 39 Etudes began as a desire to provide the player with study materials designed to attack specific problems. The euphonium has a significantly shorter air column than a tuba, which lends the player more deftness and agility. The player should strive to play with equal facility, clarity, accuracy, smoothness of slurs, and purity of intonation as all the other higher brass instruments.
39 Etudes employs different modes, keys, and scales, along with shifting tonalities. It is imperative that the player listen carefully to every interval in order to keep the intonation pure and the pitch accurate."
     --  Dr. Cherry Beauregard
Beauregard was the Tuba Professor at the Eastman School until 1996.  He made a number of recordings as an original member of the Eastman Brass.  Some might recognize him from his transcriptions of the Verne Reynolds etude book.  At any rate, Dr. Beauregard is a teaching master and has taught many successful players like Michael Sanders, Paul Erion, and Dave Holben himself.
Dave Holben is a graduate of the Eastman School, the University of Arizona, and USC.  He studied with L.A.'s top performer Jim Self and the L.A. Phil's Norm Pearson.  In addition to teaching at Pepperdine University and being a freelance Los Angeles musician, he has recorded with the Eastman Wind Ensemble and performed with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and the San Diego Symphony.

9"x12" coil bound. 125p.

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