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Valve Oils

Get those fingers movin'!

Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil has a fast, light, and silky-smooth feel that players love. It is non-toxic, synthetic, odorless, and very long-lasting.  So many professional players agree that Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil is the best! Available in standard 2 oz. or 8 oz. refill size.
Blue Juice Classic long lasting valve oil, available in standard 2 oz. or 8 oz. refill size.
Clark's Viper Oil Clark Viper Oil is a special blend of oils that creates a slick, non-gumming, long lasting, and consistent oil for your instrument valves. A detergent additive promotes clean valve action and inhibits residue buildup inside the instrument.  Distributed by Yamaha. **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**
Hetman Light Piston For close tolerance piston valves, provides for an action that is smooth, quick, and consistent
Hetman Piston For piston valves having average clearance, long-lasting formula provides for an action that is smooth, quick, and consistent
Hetman Classic Piston Seals piston valves with greater than average clearance.  Helps prevent valves from sticking
Hetman Light Rotor Formulated specifically for close tolerance rotors.
Hetman Rotor Designed for instruments with rotors having average clearance
Al Cass Oil The standard for a very decent valve oil around here, cheap and fast, may not last as long as some of the newer high-tech formulas, not recommended for Kanstul valves
T2 Valve Oil Famously fast valve oil from Chemical Works in Switzerland at a low price, decently sized 2.2 oz. bottle
Superslick Rotor Oil With needle applicator, great for pivots and rotor bearings, and some movable tuning slides on tubas
Alysin Synthetic valve oil, works great and won't stain fabrics if you drip or spill. **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**
Space Filler Ultimate 1 Blue Label Thicker oil for older horns with loose fitting or noisy valves, won't stain your clothing
Space Filler TS Green Label Very thick goopy liquid lube for tuning slides and valve linkages, non-staining, which is nice because if it drips or rubs off your trombone valve linkage onto your tux shirt, it won't stain the fabric.  **2/2016 DISCONTINUED**
Space Filler Ultimate II Red Label Fast oil for tight valves
Zaja Scented Oil Excellent valve oil , popular with the trumpet crowd. Rather than the nasty solvent scent we are accustomed to, these have very pleasant scents, such as: watermelon, strawberry, French vanilla, mulberry, Swiss chocolate. Zaja oil lubricates, retards the formation of dirt and grime, and eliminates sticking valves on all brass instruments. **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**
Zaja Blue Oil High tech unscented oil, with TFBS teflon style lubricant additive. **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**
Zaja Pro Oil For those who prefer an unscented oil in a thin viscosity for tighter valves, clear. **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**
H2O Oil By Bob Reeves and The Brass Spa, "advanced chemistry allows this oil to form an emulsion with water to make it last longer and remain smooth through the last set - oil and water DO mix." 1 oz, 29.6 ml. **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**
BiNak 495 Valve, slide, rotor, and key oil, one oil for all instrument lubrication needs, special formulation for cold weather applications, 2 fl. oz. **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**
BiNak Pro Valve, slide, rotor, and key oil, one oil for all instrument lubrication needs, special formulation for cold weather applications, 2 fl. oz.
Hetman Light Bearing & Linkage Designed for close tolerance spindle bearings.
Hetman Medium Bearing & Linkage Formulated for instruments with spindle bearings of average clearance. This lubricant is also an excellent choice for spherical rod end bearings (e.g. "Minibal" and "Unibal" linkage joints) and other linkage components (see linkage application below).
Hetman Bearing & Linkage For spherical rod end bearings (e.g. "Minibal" and "Unibal"), linkage joints, cross joints and lever hinges. Also recommended for rotary valve spindle bearings (see spindle bearing application above).
Hetman Ball Joint A heavy viscosity lubricant designed specifically for ball joints. This synthetic quiets noisy joints and assures a smooth action by functioning as both a lubricant and a vibration dampening agent. Although formulated for ball joints typically exhibiting looser tolerances, this lubricant has found wide use on pivot screws, worn linkage components, screw bell threads, valve stem threads, and valve cap threads. Will not harm plastic joints.
Hetman Light Key A light viscosity synthetic lubricant formulated for instruments with close tolerance actions. Frees sticking keys by penetrating into hinge tubes. Provides for a smooth, quick action. **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**
Hetman Medium Key The preferred key lubricant for most instruments. The viscosity of this synthetic is best suited to actions of average tolerance. Keeps keys moving quickly, smoothly, and quietly. **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**
Hetman Heavy Key A synthetic key lubricant engineered for instruments with worn actions and instruments that characteristically exhibit greater action tolerance. Quiets noisy keys and dampens sympathetic vibrations without slowing the instrument's action. **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**
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