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Tuning Slide Grease

Play the Pitch You Want to Play

If your horn isn't the right length to match what your face is doing, you're not going to get great resonance. Dial in those tuning slides with ease using one of our many products!

Hetman Light Slide

For tighter fitting valve slides, and slides of longer length, like 3rd valve slides

Hetman Slide

Original formula (Tuning Slide Oil), medium viscosity for most 1st and 3rd slides

Hetman Heavy Slide

Designed for looser fitting valve slides and slides of shorter length

Hetman Slide-Gel

This special tuning slide lubricant provides long-lasting seal and firm slide motion. A premium, hi-viscosity product that will not bunch-up in the ends of slide tubes. Adhesive formulation protects slides against corrosion and wear. Packaged in 22 ml bottles with special dropper tip applicator. See USG No. 9 for additional application.

Hetman Slide-Gel Plus

A synthetic lubricant of higher viscosity for loose-fitting stationary slides.  Provides long-lasting seal and firm slide "feel/pull".  Will not bunch-up in slide tube ends.  Adhesive formula protects against corrosion and wear.

Hetman Slide Grease

A long-lasting slide lubricant of heavier consistency, this premium slide grease keeps slides airtight and moving smoothly. Packaged in 10 cc jars.

Hetman Ultra Slide Grease

A unique slide grease of extra-heavy consistency designed primarily for instruments with loose fitting slides. Perfect alternative for vintage instruments with corroded slide tubes that run the risk of splitting or cracking when being expanded. This tacky grease keeps slides in place and airtight. Resists breakdown. May be used together with Slide-Gel? to obtain the desired "feel" or "pull" of one's slides. Packaged in 10cc jars.

Hetman Musical Instrument Grease

This unique product features a nontoxic, synthetic lubricating grease packaged in a convenient, sealable, dispensing syringe. Applications include: flat springs and tracks (bronze & steel), pivot screws, clamp screws, wing screws, sax neck screws, linkage joints, lever hinges, ball joints, and threads (valve stems, valve caps and screw bells). In addition to superior wear protection and extreme pressure performance, this plastics-safe, synthetic grease is waterproof and helps to prevent rust. 10 cc syringe applicator.

Bach 2942 Slide & Cork Grease

Goopy red stuff in a squeeze bottle is easy to apply and is long lasting. Be careful to keep the bottle in a safe place because a few have cracked and made a mess after they got old. Not lanolin based, popular with French Horn players.

Superslick Lanolin Grease

Traditional thin grease in a little tub, easy to apply, not too messy

Zaja Slide, Premium Tuning Slide Grease

Very high tech and high quality stickier grease in a little glass jar. **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**

Zaja Lube

Most slide grease and lubricants can wreck havoc on your horn if it gets into the valve casings. Zaja Lube was designed with this in mind. If some of your Zaja Lube gets into the valve casings, it will not gum up your valves. Thicker oil in bottle applicator for tuning slides, pleasing scent.  **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**

Yamaha Premium Slide Grease

Lanolin style lube in a Chapstick-style applicator, tiny and neat. **2/2016—DISCONTINUED**

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