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Trombone Slide Lubricants

Your Guide to a Smooth Slide

Ultra-Pure Slide Lube Ultra-Pure Trombone Slide Lube has the perfect balance of speed, smoothness, and endurance. It goes on easily and does not build up. It does not separate under hot or freezing conditions. A few drops on each stocking and a few drops on the upper part of the slide is all you will need for several days of playing.  Endorsed by Joe Alessi.
Yamaha Trombone Slide Oil This new product from Yamaha is made to compete with Slide-O-Mix Rapid Comfort, and Reka Superslide.  It's a thick, milky combination of silicone and soap, in a single 30ml bottle.  Wipe off your slide, dribble some of this on, and you may spray with water if it seems too thick, but some players might use this product alone.  Use very sparingly, and you'll have a smooth as glass slide.
Slide-O-Mix This is the revolutionary slide lube made in two parts. Large bottle is water and soapy detergent. Small bottle is silicone. One drop of the small, and a 4" line of the large on your inner tubes, and you're ready to go. It's easy to adjust the consistency by applying the ingredients independently. The large bottle works nicely when mixed with Trombotine too.
Slide-O-Mix Light Same as the original Slide O Mix but this is a little thinner for players who have trouble with the standard viscosity Slide O Mix gumming up their slide.
Slide-O-Mix Single Bottles We have large or small bottles of Slide O Mix in regular or Light versions
  Small bottle: Light, Regular
  Large bottle: Light, Regular
Rapid Comfort The newest slide lube from Slide O Mix is a medium size bottle with both parts pre-mixed together. It's so easy to apply. Just wipe off the inner tubes, dribble this down each tube about 1/3 of the way, spray with water, and make music
Reka Super Slide From Germany comes the competitor to Rapid Comfort. A similar water and silicone mix, just drip some of this on your slide, and no water is needed. Toss your spray bottle. Works best on newer slides with very good action.  We also like this because it doesn't seem to crystallize when it dries.
Trombotine This slide cream in a tube is a favorite for slides that make a little too much noise with the thin liquid Slide O Mix type lube. It's cheaper and longer lasting between applications too. Put a little of this on before your Slide O Mix application for very smooth action
Superslick Slide Cream A favorite slide cream for its thin viscosity and low price
Superslick Silicone Add a drop of this 1/4 ounce bottle of silicone to each slide tube after applying your favorite slide cream, and get smoother longer lasting action. One trumpet playing colleague likes to use this on his first valve slide
Superslick Trombone Spray Bottle
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