If you'd like a custom Marcus Bonna case delivered in March, now is an excellent time to reserve it.
DaCarbos are in stock, Schilkes are on sale, Edwards arrive soon. 2018: it's a good year.

Renting a Horn

Renting can be a great way to get started! If you're a student or parent with a child new to a music program, a rental horn may be the best option for you before you make a long-term investment in one of our horns.

Our full rental agreement has all the details, but here are some quick things to consider:

  • Rentals are only available for local clients
  • We will retain valid credit card information for the duration of the rental
  • Rental period is 3 months minimum, with rental fees billed at the beginning of each 3 month period
  • Your first 3 months' rental fee can be credited towards the purchase of an instrument at the end of your rental period
  • Client shall pay for any damage the instrument incurs during the rental period

What We Have


Our instrument availability varies based on current rentals and sales. Please call the store for the status of rental instruments. Our general rates and example horn types are approximately as follows:



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