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Hetman Lubricants

Hetman offers a full range of instrument lubricants for all of your slides, valves, and linkages.




Light Piston


For close tolerance piston valves, provides for an action that is smooth, quick, and consistent



For piston valves having average clearance, long-lasting formula provides for an action that is smooth, quick, and consistent

Classic Piston


Seals piston valves with greater than average clearance.  Helps prevent valves from sticking

Light Slide


For tighter fitting valve slides, and slides of longer length, like 3rd valve slides



Original formula (Tuning Slide Oil), medium viscosity for most 1st and 3rd slides

Heavy Slide


Designed for looser fitting valve slides and slides of shorter length

Slide-Gel Light


See description for #7, below



This special tuning slide lubricant provides long-lasting seal and firm slide motion. A premium, hi-viscosity product that will not bunch-up in the ends of slide tubes. Adhesive formulation protects slides against corrosion and wear. Packaged in 22 ml bottles with special dropper tip applicator.

Slide-Gel Plus


A synthetic lubricant of higher viscosity for loose-fitting stationary slides.  Provides long-lasting seal and firm slide "feel/pull".  Will not bunch-up in slide tube ends.  Adhesive formula protects against corrosion and wear.

Slide-Gel Plus


Same as above, packaged in 10cc syringe applicator.

Slide Grease


A long-lasting slide lubricant of heavier consistency, this premium slide grease keeps slides airtight and moving smoothly. Packaged in 10 cc jars.

Musical Instrument Grease


This unique product features a nontoxic, synthetic lubricating grease packaged in a convenient, sealable, dispensing syringe. Applications include: flat springs and tracks (bronze & steel), pivot screws, clamp screws, wing screws, sax neck screws, linkage joints, lever hinges, ball joints, and threads (valve stems, valve caps and screw bells). In addition to superior wear protection and extreme pressure performance, this plastics-safe, synthetic grease is waterproof and helps to prevent rust. 10 cc jar.

Musical Instrument Grease


Same as above in10 cc syringe applicator.

Light Rotor


Formulated specifically for close tolerance rotors. Recommended for Kanstul CR rotary valves.

Medium Rotor


Formulated specifically for a little bit less close tolerance rotors.



Designed for instruments with rotors having average clearance

Light Bearing & Linkage


Designed for close tolerance spindle bearings.

Medium Bearing & Linkage


Formulated for instruments with spindle bearings of average clearance. This lubricant is also an excellent choice for spherical rod end bearings (e.g. "Minibal" and "Unibal" linkage joints) and other linkage components (see linkage application below).

Bearing & Linkage


For spherical rod end bearings (e.g. "Minibal" and "Unibal"), linkage joints, cross joints and lever hinges. Also recommended for rotary valve spindle bearings (see spindle bearing application above).

Ball Joint


A heavy viscosity lubricant designed specifically for ball joints. This synthetic quiets noisy joints and assures a smooth action by functioning as both a lubricant and a vibration dampening agent. Although formulated for ball joints typically exhibiting looser tolerances, this lubricant has found wide use on pivot screws, worn linkage components, screw bell threads, valve stem threads, and valve cap threads. Will not harm plastic joints.

Light Key


A light viscosity synthetic lubricant formulated for instruments with close tolerance actions. Frees sticking keys by penetrating into hinge tubes. Provides for a smooth, quick action.

Medium Key


The preferred key lubricant for most instruments. The viscosity of this synthetic is best suited to actions of average tolerance. Keeps keys moving quickly, smoothly, and quietly.

Heavy Key


A synthetic key lubricant engineered for instruments with worn actions and instruments that characteristically exhibit greater action tolerance. Quiets noisy keys and dampens sympathetic vibrations without slowing the instrument's action.

Hetman Cork


A long lasting, premium cork lubricant that provides for smooth, positive tenon joint assembly while ensuring long cork life. Preserves joint corks without causing build-up or caking. Special dropper tip applicator makes dispensing neat and easy. Also recommended for ligature and sax neck screws.

Hetman Hydro-Slide


Slide spray concentrate and applicator for trombones. When added to water, Hydro-Slide? forms an extraordinary lubricating fluid. It is designed to be used with or without slide cream to for an unusually smooth slide action. Follow the directions on the Hydro-Slide? applicator bottle. Fill the applicator bottle with water to the "water line" then add Hydro-Slide? concentrate to the desired level (1:40, 1:20 or 1:10). Mix thoroughly and spray on the trombone slide as needed.

Spray Bottle for Hydro-Slide


Superslick style spray bottle, labeled for Hetman, with markings for easily mixing the proper proportions of Hydro-Slide and water, 60ml bottle

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