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Gard Bags Wheelie Cases

Similar to very popular pull-behind luggage, Gard Wheelie Cases will delight any player wanting to remove the weight of their instruments from their back or shoulders. The bags are made with the same quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail as the Gard gig bags.




Each bag features an outer shell of leather or durable Cordura (Polyester fabric) and is well padded inside. The wheel rack is lightweight and can be lifted effortlessly.

The toughest and highest quality buffalo leather is used for all of our leather products. To safeguard your health, only permitted tannery chemicals made by world class European companies, such as Hoechst, BASF and Sandoz are used. Before production, each lot of leather is double checked by testing samples in a Swiss owned internationally accredited laboratory.




Highlights of Gard Wheelie Cases

  • GARD's unique Mid-Bag Suspension System.
  • Wheelies have a front kick-stand that prevents the bag from toppling over due to weight of the instrument.
  • Wheelie bags also feature a telescopic handle to allow easy adjustment to the height of the player.
  • Extendable front double zipper pockets can easily fit mutes, mouthpieces.
  • Hidden iPad pocket.
  • Side mesh pockets to store oil, Vaseline etc.
  • Bell area protected by a wooden disc padded with dense foam.
  • Instrument is “suspended” inside the gig bag to drastically reduce the chances of damage during impact.
  • Belts and cone used for the suspension have Velcro fasteners and can be adjusted according to the instrument.
  • Padding made up of dense, thick and impact resistant foam.
  • Bag has foam cubes and flexi-belts that can be configured and rearranged to protect the vulnerable parts such as: valves, bell lip, and lead pipe.
  • Zipper guard provides all-round protection
  • Heavy-duty electroplated brass hardware
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • All weight-bearing joints are riveted as well as stitched.
  • All leather bags have a water repellent cape.



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