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Gard Mid-Bag Suspension System

Gard Bags feature a Mid-Bag Suspension System (Patent Pending).

Gard Bags have long been a favorite among musicians at all levels needing quality protection at a reasonable price. The Mid-Bag Suspension series builds upon this popularity. In ordinary bags, the trumpet rests on the bottom of the bag. If dropped, the protruding parts are likely to dent. Using strategically placed blocks of padding the Mid-Bag Suspension series "suspends" your instrument away from the sides. Further stabilizing the instrument is a dense foam cone mounted on a hard disc inside of the case. This suspension system reduces the risk of dings or dents if the bag knocks into a wall or is dropped from a short distance. The belts and cone used for the suspension have Velcro fasteners and can be adjusted according to the instrument.

Ordinary Bag – Instruments rest on side and bottom.

In ordinary bags, the delicate protruding parts of the musical instrument touch the bottom and side walls of the gig bag. In the event of an accidental impact the delicate protruding parts (1, 2 and 3) are liable to be damaged.

Mid-Bag Suspension System – Instrument is suspended in mid air inside the bag.

In the mid-bag suspension system the music instrument is held by the more robust parts of the musical instrument (leaving the delicate parts suspended in mid air). This is done by flexible belts and a foam cone fixing the bell.  As a result, 9 out of 10 times, the music instrument will escape damage when dropped.

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