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Why should I switch to stainless steel mouthpieces?

Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, and is safer to play on than brass or plated mouthpieces. Solid stainless steel and titanium mouthpieces are better for the environment...and you!

    • Faster response
    • Plays the extremes (loud, quiet, high, and low) with ease
    • Improves endurance
    • No dangerous chemicals
    • No lead exposure
    • No zinc exposure
    • No nickel exposure
    • Lasts forever


      How are Giddings mouthpieces different from other mouthpieces?

      Stainless steel and titanium have unique playing characteristics that out perform conventional materials such as brass. Giddings mouthpieces are easier to play, provide better articulations, and project like no mouthpiece.

      What's the difference between stainless steel and titanium?

      Titanium is the ideal material for solo, recording studio, and small chamber group playing situations. Titanium blends with every instrument easier than brass or stainless steel. Titanium offers a tone that is darker and warmer than stainless steel - which is brighter with a very quick response.

      Should I get titanium or stainless steel?

      We recommend stainless steel at first. Stainless steel will give you the most bang for your buck and often times is such a huge improvement people are ecstatic with their new found endurance, range and sound.

      Can I use Giddings mouthpieces with any instrument?

      Giddings mouthpieces will fit any instrument. You will notice an immediate difference in your tone, articulations, and clarity of sound.

      How does stainless steel feel in comparison to gold or silver mouthpieces?

      Polished stainless steel is most like gold while satin stainless steel is most like silver

      What makes stainless steel better than brass?

      Stainless steel is about 3 times harder than brass, so more of your air wave energy is transmitted through the horn rather than absorbed by the mouthpiece. There is no plating to wear out, and they are tested and played by professionals in many different playing situations around the world.

      How often will I need to replate a stainless steel mouthpiece?

      Stainless steel mouthpieces have no plating to wear through. You will never have to replate. They last forever.

      Does Giddings copy mouthpieces?

      No, these designs are unique. These mouthpiece designs have been optimized to fit the benefits stainless steel and titanium have to offer. A brass mouthpiece that is copied rarely works the same with stainless steel and titanium.

      If stainless steel and titanium are such good materials, why doesn't every manufacturer use these materials for their mouthpieces?

      Stainless steel and titanium are extremely difficult to machine. Other manufactures simply can't use these materials without huge changes in their machinery, programs, and tooling.

      Why should I use Giddings mouthpieces?

      Professionals use these mouthpieces in orchestras, bands and ensembles throughout the world. Giddings offers benefits never experienced before with any other mouthpiece. These mouthpieces will suit any players' needs and give them the tone they've always wanted.

      Will you send me several mouthpieces on approval to test, then let me buy the one I want?

      We would always be out of stock if we offered this. The Horn Guys will bill you for any mouthpieces shipped. Any mouthpiece returned in new and unmarked condition with all packaging is eligible for a full refund. Please limit a trial period to one week.

      Can you modify rims and back bores on your current mouthpieces?

      Yes. Giddings is always more than happy to make the mouthpiece fit you better.

      How long does it take to adjust to a Giddings mouthpiece?

      You will notice a difference in your sound on your first note. If you record yourself and compare your playing with your other equipment you will adjust more quickly to our mouthpieces. Most people work too hard on getting their sound simply heard. With Giddings mouthpieces you will feel like you have power steering. What was difficult is now easier.

      How do I clean my Giddings mouthpiece?

      Warm water and soap will keep them clean and ready to play.

      What type of stainless steel and titanium do you use?

      304L and 15-5 stainless steel, and 6Al 4EV titanium

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