If you'd like a custom Marcus Bonna case delivered in March, now is an excellent time to reserve it.
DaCarbos are in stock, Schilkes are on sale, Edwards arrive soon. 2018: it's a good year.

Updated February 12, 2018

  Bold = in stock

BBb Tubas

Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Josef Lidl
LBB701 3/4 4V New 4795 LC
186 New 7750 LC
Miraphone 191 New 8895 LC
1291 New 9445 60 days
Miraphone CLOSEOUT
496 Hagen 5/4 New, dented 7995 LC


CC Tubas

Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
163 New 13395 LC
B&S MRP-L New 12950 LC
PCK - w/MAW New 15600 90 days
PCM Demo 11750 LC
JP Sterling
JP379 New 6182 LC
Josef Lidl
LCB702 3/4 4V New 4795 LC
Meinl Weston
3450-L New 10100 LC
188 New 9295 by request
1293 New 11395 LC
291 Bruckner New 10395 60 days


Eb Tubas

Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Gronitz Rotary Eb, 4+1, stacked 5th New 8395 LC
Miraphone 283 Norwegian Star New 9495 by request


F Tubas

Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
B&S 3100W-L (RT-12) 4+2 New 10800 LC
B&S 5099/2W-L (RT-15) 5R New 10100 LC
FZ126 5V 4+1 New 10795 LC
FZ127 6V 4+2 New 12495 LC
Gronitz PF125 - w/MAW New 12400 90 days
Miraphone 281 Firebird 5+1, Gold Brass New 11150
Miraphone 481 Elektra New 10100 LC
1281 Petruschka New 9850 LC
Yamaha YFB-822S Custom New 12259


Euphoniums & Tenor Tubas

Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
151 New 8150 June '18
2280 New 2589
Hirsbrunner HBS-479 New 8600 2018
Jupiter 470S 4V Demo 1850 LC
Miraphone M5050 New 7295 by request
Stauffer 321 Fifth Rotor New 675 LC
2900BTS-C New 7850 by request
2950ST-C New 8250 by request
Willson 2960 Celebration New 7850 LC
Yamaha YEP-321S New 2719 LC



Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Cerveny 652 F 5V New 9295 LC
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