If you'd like a custom Marcus Bonna case delivered in March, now is an excellent time to reserve it.
DaCarbos are in stock, Schilkes are on sale, Edwards arrive soon. 2018: it's a good year.

Updated February 20, 2018   Bold = In Stock


Bb Trumpets

 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Bach 190S43W2 Centennial New 3369 soon...
Bach 19037 Anniversary New 2849 LC
190S37 Anniversary New 2989 LC
LT190S1B New 3189
Bach  LT1901B New 3059 LC
LT190SL1B New 3189
Bach  LT190L1B New 3059 LC
19043 New 2849 LC
Bach 190S43 New 2989 LC
Bach  180S43 New 2759 LC
Bach LR180S43 New 2899 LC
Bach  LT180S43 New 2899
Bach  180S72 New 2759
Unica New 2795 LC
Tony Maier New 4925 LC
700S Eterna II New Call
Getzen 907S Proteus New 2005 LC
John Packer UK JP051 New 249
JP Smith Watkins 251SW New 769 LC
Kanstul 1600 New 2758 March
1603 Committee New 3308 March
Schilke  i32 New 2395 LC
B1 New 2499 LC
B5 New 2499 LC
XO 1602S-LTR Demo 1775 LC
Yamaha YTR-5330MRC New 1669 Spring
YTR-8310Z Shew New 2312 LC
Yamaha YTR-8335LA Bergeron New 2521 LC
Yamaha YTR-8335LA Bergeron Demo 2269 LC
YTR-8335IIS Xeno New 2641 LC
Yamaha YTR-8335IIRS Xeno New 2749
Yamaha YTR-8345IIS Xeno New 2641 LC


C Trumpets

 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Bach C180SL229H Herseth New 2919
Bach C180SL229CC Chicago New 2999 March
Bach C180SL229PC Philadelphia New 2999
3072S Custom Display 2139 LC
Josef Lidl NEW LTR-845 Franz Straub Rotary Model New 2295 LC
Yamaha YTR-8445IIS Xeno Demo 2183 LC
Yamaha YTR-9445CHSII Artist Demo 3995 LC


D/Eb Trumpets

 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Eb New 1695 LC
Yamaha YTR-9636 New 4106 LC


Piccolo Trumpets

 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Kanstul 920 New 2800
P7-4 New 3625 LC
XO 1700S New 2429 March
XO 1700RS New 2579 March
YTR-9825 New 4102 March
Yamaha YTR-9835 New 3959


Rotary Trumpets

 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Josef Lidl NEW
LTR-845 C Franz Straub Model New 2295 LC



 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Getzen 4985 Custom Reserve New 2965 LC
Kanstul NEW 1525 Signature New 2954 LC
Stauffer REDUCED Bb Flugelhorn New 1499 LC
Yamaha YFH-8310Z Shew New 2767 LC
Yamaha YFH-8315G Bergeron New 2883 LC
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