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Updated May 18, 2019

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Eb Alto Trombones





In Stock?

C.G. Conn
36H Eb/Bb New 2689
C.G. Conn SOON 36H Eb/Bb Used 2125 May 20
JP Rath
236 Lacquer New 1009
JP Rath 236 Silver Plate New 1079
Jurgen Voigt
J-711 New 2775
450 New 1509 ✓ IWBC
Kuhnl & Hoyer
122 Yellow New 2049 ✓ IWBC
Kuhnl & Hoyer
122 Gold New 2139
Kuhnl & Hoyer Slokar 176 Eb/Bb New 3350 2019
M. Hans Stauffer Eb Gold Brass New 535 ?
John Packer UK JP039 Bb Slide Trumpet New 339


 Small Tenor Trombones

Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
LT16M Watrous New 3009
daCarbo  Carbon Bell, .500", 7.5" bell New 4925
daCarbo Carbon Bell .509", 8" bell New 4925
Getzen 451-SC Gold Brass New Call
Getzen 3508R Custom New 2269
3508Y Custom New 2269
John Packer UK JP031 - Student New 319
John Packer UK JP-134 C Valve Trombone New 749
1606 Williams New 2828
Kanstul 1606SB Williams w/screw bell & Bonna case New 3428 ✓ IWBC
Kanstul 1602B Kaplan brass .500" New 2457
Kanstul 1602B Kaplan bronze bell, .491"/.500" New 2457
Kanstul 760 .500/.530" w/F Bronze New 1770
King 2B+ New 2219
3BLG LW gold brass New 2349 ✓ IWBC
King 607F .525" Last one! 1195
Kuhnl & Hoyer Bart van Lier Standard 480/88 New 2750 2019

Kuhnl & Hoyer  SOON

Bart van Lier 500 Display 2245 IWBC
Kuhnl & Hoyer SOON Bart van Lier 512 Display 2245 IWBC
S.E. Shires

Small Bore Tenor
-7.5" LW or 8" M bell
-.500" brass or nickel slide
-1.5 tuning slide

New 3395 ✓ IWBC
1632 Fedchock Yellow New 2079
1632 Fedchock Rose New 2219
XO NEW 1634 Fedchock w/.508" slide New 2079 ✓ IWBC


Medium & Large Tenor Trombones

 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
TB1 Select, Open Flow Valve New 3550 July
Bach  42BO w/fixed leadpipe New 3399
Bach  LT42BO New 3599
Bach 42BO w/3 leadpipes New 3599
42BOF Centennial New 3759
Bach LT42BOFG Centennial New 4069 ✓ IWBC
LT42BOFG Centennial B-stock 3662
Bach  42A Hagman New 4039
Bach  LT42A Hagman New 4239
42AFG Infinity New 4219
Bach is Cool We have a selection of Bach 42 hand slides we can match to your choice of bell:  wide, narrow, brass, nickle, fixed leadpipe or 3 threaded leadpipes (Conn threads) New 0-400
Artisan A47BO New 5019 by request
C.G. Conn 88HTO New 2789
Large Bore w/F New 6109
T396-A Joseph Alessi New 5665 2019
Getzen 4147IB Bousfield New 4119 ✓ IWBC
Getzen 3047AF New 3899
Getzen 3047AFR Axial. Red Brass New 3899
GB4-1G, T. Lonmo LW Gold Brass New 5155 ✓ IWBC
Greenhoe GB4-1Y, A. LaVere New 5155 Feb. 2019
Greenhoe GC4-1R-TIS, L. Stuntz New 5995 Nov. 2018
Aug. 2019
1688 TIS LW bronze New 3195
King 607F .525 w/F Last one! 1195
Kuhnl & Hoyer Bolero Tenor w/Meinlschmidt Open Flow Rotor, Screw Bell, Bonna case New 4550 2019
JP Rath
332O .547" Bb/F New 1699
Yamaha YSL-882GOR Xeno New 3394


Bass Trombones

 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Bach  50AF3 Infinity Axial New 5779
Bach  LT50AF3 same w/LT slide New 5979


50AF3G Infinity Axial New 5879
Bach  50B2OG Rotary, Bb/F/D New 4219
LT50B2OG same w/LT Slide New 4419
Bach is Cool:

Our Bach 50 trombones are sold without case. LT50 nickel hand slides are optional for any model, add $200

Conn SOON 62HI Used 3209 May 20
B502-IY James Markey New 6335
Getzen 3062AFR Custom New 5935
Greenhoe Bass bell only, LW yellow brass, B taper, also fits Shires New repaired 999
GB5-3Y New 6275 2019
Greenhoe GC5-3R all red brass New 6410 2019
Greenhoe GC5-3R TIS, C. Gosnell New 7170 2019
Greenhoe GC5-2R-TIS, B. Reichenbach New 7485 2019
Gronitz F Bass (2V: C/Eb) Used A 3485
JP Rath 333 2V Bass New 2969
1662 - 3 avail: 2 red, 1 bronze New 4294 ✓ IWBC
1662I - 3 avail: 2 red, 1 bronze New 4294
Kuhnl & Hoyer  SOON

Orchestra Signature Stacked Open Flow Rotors, Screw Bell

New 6235 IWBC
Kuhnl & Hoyer Orchestra Signature Inline Open Flow Rotors, Screw Bell New 6235 2019
Kuhnl & Hoyer Orchestra Signature Stacked Open Flow Rotors, Fixed Bell New 5695 2019
Kuhnl & Hoyer Orchestra Signature Inline Open Flow Rotors, Fixed Bell New 5695 2019


Contrabass Trombones

 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Kanstul 1690SB w/screw bell, Bonna case New 8790 ✓ (IWBC)
Jurgen Voigt
J-173 F w/Hagman rotors, road case New 8455 2019
Kuhnl & Hoyer 18630A F w/screw bell, Bonna case New 9250 2019
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