NEW: 8 models of Bach Stradivarious bass trombones, Yamaha Z trombones and 871 alto trombone.
Bags of Spain cases have arrived. Reserve your new Marcus Bonna case here.

Update May 17, 2018

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Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
103 New 7895 Fall '18
103 Hand Hammered New 8895 Fall '18
C.G. Conn 8D Connstellation New 4669 soon
C.G. Conn NEW 8DS New 5439
C.G. Conn 8DS Custom
-adj. finger hook, custom valve caps, sold w/o case
New 5339 June
C.G. Conn
8DRS New 5449 May
Engelbert Schmid
Bb/F Double New 10770
Hans Hoyer G10-A Geyer New 5250
Hans Hoyer 6802NSA-L New 4795 June
Model 20 New 7599
Series 4 New 3995
Paxman Academy New 2695
Paxman SOLD 40A Descant Used A- 3995
YHR-567 New 3384 by request
YHR-668NDII New 4886
YHR-671D New 4886
YHR-871D New 7210
Yamaha SOLD
YHR-871GD - gold brass New 7210


Triple Horns

Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
Engelbert Schmid
High F Triple New 16895 by request


Wagner Tubas

 Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?

Meister Hans Stauffer

Bb/F New 850

Natural Horns

Brand Model Condition Price In Stock?
M. Jiracek
Natural New (1-pc bell) 3900 2018



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