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Cleaning Supplies

As a brass player, it's okay to have a dirty mouth... but not a dirty horn! This assortment of items will get just about anything off your horn that's not supposed to be there.

Micro Cork & Pad Cement Contact cement to replace errant mute corks.  We also have Allied corks available, small or large, for $3 each. 
Bob Reeves Trumpet Leadpipe Swab The swab is a synthetic  material attached to the end of a nylon cord that has been weighted on the other end.  It removes saliva and food particles left in the leadpipe after playing. Using the swab daily will help preserve the trumpet and keep it playing consistent day to day.
Superslick Trombone cleaning snake Flexible snake gets around curves, for all brass instruments, plastic coated, will not scratch
Superslick Baritone & Tuba Cleaning Snake Plastic coated metal snake, with double ended brushes and extra long length
Superslick Trombone cleaning rod Long metal rod for cleaning out the inside of the outer slide tubes. Buy some cheesecloth to cover the rod and slowly wipe out the inside of the tube with it. Be careful to hold onto the end of the cheesecloth so it doesn't get stuck.
Cheesecloth For above trombone cleaning rod.
Slide O Mix Cleaning System High-tech cleaning rod is similar to above, but includes a terrycloth sheath that won't get stuck or scratch, and a flexible brush that screws onto the end to clean around the inside of the slide crook. The terrycloth sheath is washable, and extras are available, below, when they get too ratty for your personal style
  smaller bore horns, 337B in red
  larger bore horns, 337C in blue
Slide O Mix Sheath Extra terrycloth rod cover for above
  small 337TR red
  large 337TB blue
Trumpet valve cleaning rod Same as trombone cleaning rod above, but shorter for trumpet valves. Slot in end of rod holds cheesecloth or soft cloth. Keeps valve casings clean for better valve action and longer life.
St. Louis Music Mouthpiece Brush Traditional plastic bristled brush to clean out your mouthpiece shank, fits all brass instruments
Superslick Valve Casing brush Similar brush in a larger diameter for scrubbing the crud out of your valve casings
  Small for Trumpet or Euphonium
  Large for Tuba
ProTec Protector Mouthpiece Brush Ingenious design allows you to store this little brush inside your mouthpiece, and the handle of the brush has a small plastic cone molded on it that will help protect the mouthpiece shank in the event of a fall to the floor. For trumpet, #A260, but works on most other mouthpieces
Brass Saver From the makers of Pad Saver for woodwinds come these new horn cleaning brush sets. Contains no metal, and uses soft but aggressive fibers, similar to saxophone de-moisturizing pads. Includes 2 soft flexible cleaning brushes, and one double ended rigid one for the trumpet and tuba models for cleaning the valves.
Superslick polishing cloth Two styles, for silver or lacquer finishes, contains no chemicals
  lacquer LP1
  silver SP1
Wright's Metal Polish This is our favorite polish for delicate musical instruments. They clean chemically with little need for hard scrubbing, and they don't scratch, water based, easily rinses off.
  Brass Polish, 8oz, liquid polish, for unlacquered brass finishes
  Silver Polish, 8 oz, liquid polish, for all Sterling silver, silver plate, and silver jewelry
  Silver Cream, 8 oz cream with sponge applicator, for all silver finishes, and stainless steel, pewter, chrome, ceramic and glass cookware, countertops, fiberglass, and porcelain


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