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Conn Connstellation 8DYS Double Horn Used


Item Details

This is a professional double French horn made by C.G. Conn in Eastlake, Ohio, USA about 2007.  The 8DYS has a yellow brass screw bell, first branch and mouthpipe.  The rest of the horn is all nickel including rotor casings and slides, as seen on the similar all-nickel 8D.  The 8DYS with its brass components should be slightly less brittle and have a warmer tone than the 8D.

This 8DYS is a Kruspe-style double horn with the distinctive offset change valve. The Kruspe design has more resistance in the valve set area of the instrument, and a larger, more open bell flare.  Players may find the Kruspe style more malleable in tone than the equally popular Geyer-style double horn.

  • Conn 8DYS
  • Yellow brass large throat 12-1/4" bell
  • .468" rotor bore
  • Screw bell flare
  • Nickel rotor casings and slides
  • Brass first branch and leadpipe
  • Bronze screw bell ring
  • Lacquer finish
  • Protec case
  • Conn mouthpiece and lubricants
  • String linkage 1-3, Minibal change valve linkage, stands in F
  • Original warranty card


The horn is in terrific condition with only a few cosmetic dings and scratches.  One small dent.  The key levers have some tarnish, maybe they are raw nickel, but they can be shinier with minimal effort.  All valves and slides work fine.  There is some tarnish inside the bell flare when the ring is, but it's not anything consequential.  The rotors are tight and quiet with no play.  All parts are available through Conn-Selmer and your local technician.

A new Conn 8DYS costs somewhere north of $5000.  Here you can have a lightly used model in very nice condition for much less.

One year Horn Guys warranty excluding finish.


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