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Bach A47X Artisan Tenor Trombone

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Item Details

This is a new professional tenor trombone from Vincent Bach in Elkhart, Indiana.  As part of the Artisan series, this horn is modular and has several choices for each component.  The stock setup available is below.

This A47X is similar to the Peter Steiner model A47XPS.  The only difference is the bell.  The Steiner has the lightweight gold brass bell with screw flare, which is nimble and warm and malleable and travelable: perfect for the soloist. This horn is for the symphonic player.

Sept 3, 2021: I have one available and I can provide it.  It is good.  One only, no more. 

A47 Bell

This model A47X has the standard weight yellow brass bell, which has more stability and projection, making it the first choice of symphonic and band players.  This traditional fixed bell flare trombone travels most places without hassle, and with the stock Bach case, while it's weighty, encourages safe travel in the worst conditions.  So I'd keep the Bach hard case around for checked baggage when flying or bussing or training, and use some other lightweight case for around town: Bonna, Protec, Cronkhite.

The Artisan A47 bell has a slightly smaller throat and faster taper than the 42 bell, but it's larger than the 88H bell.  Its rim is flat in the French style, letting more highs ring out and feeling more efficient and malleable than a bell with a standard round rim.

Fixed flare is still fine.  While a screw flare trombone like the Steiner looks cool, it's also kind of a pain to screw and unscrew the flare all the time for setup and take-down, and it does add weight and cost to the horn.  Also the Gard screw flare case is awkward because you have to take the body out first, then the flare, then close the case and unpack the hand slide.  Marcus Bonna does it better and safer, but at some expense.

A47 Hand Slide

The A47 slide is the same as a B42, but with a new threaded leadpipe fitting.  Leapdipes include: A47, B42, B42O (open)

Bach hand slides have all nickel inside tubes and cork barrels, with brass outside tubes with nickel ferrules and oversleeves.  Wide brass end crook is standard.

Trivia:  Older A47 slides with fixed leadpipe are identified by the brass cross brace, which means "A47 leadpipe".  Silver cross brace means "B42 leadpipe".

A47 X-Wrap F-Attachment

This uses the venerable Conn/King/Benge rotor with rounded ports, matched with a new compact F-attachment.  The shape is especially nice for pit orchestra and choir loft work.  The component fit is the best of any of the modular brand of trombone.  All Artisan components fit right together without issues.  All hardware is nickel for strength.  The trigger is comfortable and the throw is short and quiet.  Fits most human hands.

A47 Tuning Slide

The A47 tuning slide is the reverse model like a Conn, reducing turbulence and improving projection.  The tuning slide fits outside the small tube and inside the bell tube.  It's a stronger connection for the sound wave when more of the weight is on the tuning slide itself.  See Edwards with reverse F-attachment tuning slides.  Brass with nickel trim.


Features of A47X

  • Weighted brass .547" hand slide with 3 leadpipes: A47, B42, B42O
  • X-braced rotary valve set
  • Brass reverse tuning slide
  • Brass 8.5" 1-piece modular bell with flat wire French-style rim
  • Bach hard case


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