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S.E. Shires Custom Medium Bore Tenor Trombone


Item Details

This is a lightly used tenor trombone made by the S.E. Shires Company in Hopedale, MA, USA.  The Shires medium bore and bell make it useful for many orchestras and bands.

The hand slide features .525" medium bore inside tubes and a standard width outer slide made of all nickel.  One removable leadpipe is included: size M1 for small shank mouthpiece, brass with threaded nickel ring.  Additional leadpipes for small or large shank in several tapers and metals are available from your local dealer.  The slide action is terrific, reflecting Shires' stellar reputation.

The Shires bell sections are modular.  This trombone features a straight neckpipe, but any Shires valve section should interchange with little adjustment.  The neckpipe has had a small repair to its alignment.

The 8" red brass bell is made in the style of the 1960's Conn trombones from Elkhart, Indiana.  The bell rim wire is small, the bell rim is unsoldered, and the mandrel is a similar shape to the classic Conn.  The bell has some acid bleed at the bell rim, not uncommon for this style of bell.  It's difficult to see unless you look closely, so you won't notice it much.  In looking closely at the bell rim, there is some unevenness.  I'm not certain this was Shires' cleanest bell rim work, but it does the job.  Handmade is sometimes homemade.

Tuning slide is standard B size, yellow brass, reverse, without balance weight.  I recommend a balance weight for straight trombone, available through any Eastman-Shires dealer.

A Bam France lightweight case is included.  Mouthpiece is sold separately.

The bell section is currently at Robb Stewart's for an adjustment of neckpipe alignment.

Playing wise, the horn feels light and has a fast response, snappy and crisp.  Some warmth from the softness of the red brass, less projection, less stable.  Smaller rather than larger mouthpieces may suit this trombone more.  More commercial than orchestral, more soloist, more pop.  That is the Shires

If you'd like to make an offer on the Shires trombone, please send me an email.

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