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Miraphone 191 Rotary BBb Tuba

$8,999.00 $10,799.00

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This is a newer design from Miraphone.  It's a large bell, large bore BBb tuba with a compact wrap. For that reason, it's called either a 4/4 or a 5/4 size tuba depending on whom you ask.  So, it's a big large bore 4/4, or a compactly wrapped 5/4.  You choose.  Besides the large bore, the 5/4 proponents look at the large bottom bow and large bell throat which makes this a decent big larger than a 4/4 186 tuba.  This 191 has four or five rotary valves, a brass body with nickel leadpipe and bell kranz, and nickel trim.  It is available in all gold brass as well.  If you prefer a broader sound and a larger feeling horn that's still nimble, I think this is a big improvement over the 186 in slotting and tone. It's less brittle and more nimble than the 186, and it has the traditional fast Miraphone response but with less of a barking tone when you push the volume.  This professional quality instrument has an amazing low range.  If you have to play Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, this horn would be a great choice, as the low F simply roars out of the horn.  The new valve linkages on this model are absolutely silent.  No sound, no rattle, nada, nope, very quiet.  This horn has a large 18.5" (470 mm) bell and a constant bore through the valves of .835" (21.2 mm).  Includes attachments for lyre and carrying strap, and includes TU33 mouthpiece.  Case is not included, but it's an excellent fit in the new SKB385W hard case, or a Cronkhite soft case.
Included:  Miraphone TU33 mouthpiece, case is sold separately

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