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Marcus Bonna 4 Trumpet Case


Item Details

This is a fiberglass case to hold four trumpets of any kind or two trumpets and a flugelhorn.  It is made by Marcus Bonna and company in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The case interior is modular so you can decide. The fiberglass shell resists impacts, the interior is well padded, and all components are adjustable for your instruments.  The nylon cover can be removed for cleaning, repair or replacement.  Includes shoulder straps, backpack straps and mouthpiece pouch.

This case is discontinued, replaced by the 4 Trumpet Compact case.  I have one left. If you can "add to cart" I have it.

The photos show 3 Bb trumpets and a piccolo trumpet.  You can carry 4 Bb trumpets as well.  I haven't figured the best way to carry a flugelhorn and 2 trumpets in the case.  The photos show one way, not necessarily the best way.  Look also at the Bonna 2 trumpet and flugelhorn case.  The flugel fits under the trumpet in that case and may be a model for how to do it here.  If it's looking sketchy, you can always wrap a horn in a plush towel.

This is a good case if you use rotary trumpets.  The slightly smaller Bonna 4 trumpet compact model case is better for piston trumpets only.  Bonna does now make an even larger case for a set of rotary trumpets.

Shell size: 14" x  22" x 9"

Weight: 11.0 lbs

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