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S.E. Shires Trombone Hand Slide

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This is a group of trombone hand slides made by S.E. Shires in Hopedale, MA, USA.

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Medium & Large Tenor Trombone

  • T47YC .547" Narrow, brass w/brass crook, 2 leadpipes small lacquer blem on lower cork barrel


Slide models are specified by bore size and crook design. All of the slide tubing is drawn in house to precision tolerances. The slide is then carefully assembled, aligned, and stress relieved to assure a smooth, trouble-free action.

Single bore slides: clear sound, can be more articulate than dual bore.

  • T47 = .547 bore tenor slide with tenor crook: centered sound and feel
  • T25 = .525 bore tenor slide
  • T00 = .500 bore tenor slide
Slides with no other markings are standard weight, with a nickel crook, yellow brass tubes, and nickel sleeves. Other options are available, described below:
  • LW = Light Weight: no sleeves, quicker response, more brilliant sound
  • N = Nickel Tubes: brilliant, articulate sound
  • YC = Yellow Crook: warmer, rounder sound and articulations

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