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Bach A47 Artisan Trombone Valve Sets


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Bach Artisan trombones are modular which offers several benefits to the player.  You can customize your trombone setup at time of purchase or later on with additional components.  You can use a different setup in the studio from the one in the chamber orchestra with only a few moments of adjustment.  And you can disassemble the bell section into the basic components for ease of cleaning, maintenance, and repair.   The best thing about Bach modular trombones is that the components connect easily and reliably, maybe the best of any modular brand.  Their jigs are accurate and all parts fit as they should.  All connecting parts are solid nickel silver for strength - it's impressive.  Several choices of modular valve sets are available...
  • V47X Peter Steiner - .562" traditional rotor with open-port X-brace wrap.  The wrap design is compact for opera pit work, allows an open feel with its straight tubes, and the X-gives an additional bracing point for center and projection.  Water dump is quick through the rotor.  Rotor is based on the Conn Gen 2 with improved portage.
  • V47I Infinity Axial - .562" axial rotor based on the classic Ed Thayer design, the sound of the modern symphonic trombone section since the 1980's.  The new Infinity rotor pivots on sealed cartridge bearings for lighter action and no wear.  With its bushing-less design, a tighter air seal is maintained through the life of the Infinity rotor.  Like a railroad track switch, the axial design gently channels the airway through the F section and back into the neckpipe through one large smooth loop.  The horn plays larger and darker, and the Bb and F sides feel more even to each other.  Your loud dynamics can be louder, just fill it up.  Brass quintet players enjoy the evenness of tone when the parts dip into the lower range.
  • V47BO Open wrap - similar to Bach 42BOF Centennial wrap, standard rotor
  • V47 Straight neckpipe without rotor - this gently tapered and curved tube gives the classic open feel and brilliant response of the straight Bb trombone.  Add a balance weight and this can be your orchestra principle trombone and soloist setup.

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