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Bags of Spain Bass Trombone Case EV-II L


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Lightweight fiberglass case for smaller single valve bass trombones, up to 9.5" bell.  Made in Spain.  Available in black.  Includes backpack straps, small interior storage, exterior pocket for sheet music, and plush velour interior.  The hand slide stores in a leather pouch in the lid, plus a secure Velcro loop strap.

This case fits many single valve bass trombones, though not all.  We think the slide compartment is long enough for old Conn 70-series basses.  We may ask for a hand slide length to make sure.  We think it fits hand slides up to 1" (2.5cm) longer than a Bach slide.  Long open wrap F-attachment designs do not fit, but traditional and medium wrap designs are fine.


  • Bach 50B, 50A, 50AF, 50T
  • Conn 60H
  • Holton TR183
  • King 5B
  • Shires with any single valve
  • Williams 9
  • Yamaha 421G
  • Yamaha 620G (see photo above)

May not fit

  • Bach 50BO, 50B2O
  • Conn 88HKO, 88HKCL, 110H, 70H, 71H, 72H
  • Kanstul 1580, 1670
  • Kuhnl & Hoyer 158


  • Conn Elkhart 62H with original E slide (possibly not stock D slide or Minick D slide)
  • King 6B with original E slide

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