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Hetman Rotary Valve Lubricants


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This is a group of premier lubricants for rotary valves.  These are designed and manufactured in the USA by Joe Hetman.  Hetman synthetic lubricants have a very smooth molecular structure.  These lubricants are especially slippery, do not build up, resist corrosion, and last a long time.  You'll need fewer applications of Hetman than of most other brands.

If you choose one from each group below, you will have very happy and smooth rotary valves.

All are packaged in a 22ml bottle with a long tipped needle oiler.


The first group is rotor lubricants designed for use inside the rotor.  Drip these down your second slide on a double horn or rotary trumpet, down the leadpipe on a tuba, or into the bell connector on a trombone.

  • 11 Light Rotor - for tighter rotors with little clearance on newer instruments, or larger rotors such as Kanstul CR, Thayer
  • 11.5 Medium Rotor - for rotors with medium clearance or with large dimensions like tuba rotors, Hagman
  • 12 Rotor - for any rotor with no unusual features.  This is the standard weight.


The second group is three bearing & linkage lubricants to be used for anything external, like rotor spindle bearings, pivot bridges, linkage pivots, and the back bearing under the rotor cap.

  • 13 Light Bearing & Linkage - close tolerance bearings with little clearance
  • 13.5 Medium Bearing & Linkage - for larger rotors with some inertia, like tuba rotors
  • 14 Bearing & Linkage - for most any rotor and linkage, this is the standard weight


This Ball Joint lubricant is optional depending on your horn's condition.  Those with rattly worn instruments know who you are.

  • 15 Ball Joint - very thick lubricant for mini-ball and other linkage pivots that are worn or loose.  This one will quiet most anything.   Although formulated for ball joints typically exhibiting looser tolerances, this lubricant has found wide use on pivot screws, worn linkage components, screw bell threads, valve stem threads, and valve cap threads. Will not harm plastic joints.

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