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Rejano Practice Mute for Tenor Trombone

$80.00 $110.00

Item Details

This 3D-printed practice mute for tenor trombone is produced by David Rejano, principal trombonist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

- Light weight, 5.35 oz, 152g, valuable for long practice sessions.  

- Stable pitch, which makes practice time and pitch much more realistic.

- Perfected resistance offers you the most realistic feel compared to playing without a mute.

- Damage resistant material because we all have accidents.

- Attractive design based on a wine decanter shape, with numerous trim colors to match your taste and style.                                        

- New trim collar material, more durable than cork or neoprene, allows mute to stay fitted in your bell with little effort. 

- Made in USA


Fit (in process as I get time to check)

  • Bach 42B - great
  • Bach A47 - ok
  • Conn 88H - no
  • Adams TB1 - maybe - large bell, mute fits very deep
  • Edwards T396-AR -
  • Yamaha YSL-882OR -
  • daCarbo 500 -
  • Getzen 3047AF -
  • Getzen 3508 -
  • King 2B/2BPL - ok
  • King 3B -
  • Bach LT16M -
  • XO 1632/1634 -
  • K&H BVL -


Rejano Mutes are designed to promote a great practice experience when life requires playing only on a Practice Mute.                         

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